A very important quality what I have learned in my sales career is that you need to know how to control emotions. How to be happy at hard times? How to keep a joyful face when someone insults you? How to keep going despite of opposition? There is a solution...

EMOTIONS MAKE US DIFFERENT OF ANIMALS. Animals have instincts and reflects, but we have the free will to choose how we react to things. Beautiful emotions are love, happiness, compassion. Bad feelings are laziness, anger, envy aso..

A physical pain shows that something is wrong with our body, a emotional hurt shows that something is wrong inside of us (mind/heart).

It is important to understand that no one can make us happy or sad. No matter how bad a situation is. ONLY A PERSON HIMSELF CAN DO IT, ALLOW IT.

A famous example:

if you read about a car crash accident were someone died, it doesn't make most of us cry. But if you find out that the person was your spouse or mother it makes you really sad. So what happened? The situtation didn't change. The value what you put on this story changed. Basically YOUR MIND CHANGED.

There is a good formula:


How the heck I keep motivation up when 100 customers have said “no” to my sales pitch? The answer is simple: I DON'T THINK ABOUT IT.

If you think: “ooo.. he said no. I must be bad. Everyone else are better then me. oo... if I don't have income my family starves, what husband I am like that? ” Then you lose your motivation!

INSTEAD, I think:”Yeah!!.. again one “no”. That Means I am very close to a sale!! It is the law of average. I just need to keep going. Man I am going to be rich!! ”

My focus is to have a great time with my customers not so much that I need to make a sale. Because if a client enjoyes being around me, then he wants to buy as well.


1.Think about everything else, but not about your difficult times. Even random things are better, like: how is the weather? Why I love my spouse?
2.Repeat motivational quotes. “No pain, no gain”
3.Rewind success stories what you have read or heard.
4.Visualize yourself as being a great salesman (or what ever you want to be).

... and you will be a freaking successful person!! Keep going, you are great!!

Thank you for reading :)

Author's Bio: 

Have had 3 years of sales career, also working on different business projects and a mentor for many people.