How to distinguish between raw and cooked Puerh tea, in the eyes of experts, this may be a question of scorn, but for people who want to contact Puerh tea, or for entry-level Puerh tea, this is indeed a problem.

We already know a little about the production process of Puerh tea. From the appearance, the color of raw Puerh tea is dark green, with uniform lines and clear fragrance, while cooked Puerh is reddish brown, with tight lines and a ripe fragrance , Which is what the experts call the "pile" taste; from the taste, raw tea will have a bitter taste, but the aftertaste is sweet, raw, and there is a fresh fragrance between the lips and teeth. Good cooked tea also contains rich flavors such as aged fragrance, ginseng smell, and Jujube; from the color of tea soup, raw tea is chestnut, light yellow or light red, and has a translucent sense, and cooked tea is chestnut red and brown Red, dark maroon, and red are clear; at the same time, from the bottom of the brewed leaves, the bottom of the green tea is light blue or millet, full of fresh activity, and the bottom of the cooked tea is dark maroon or light black .

When you decide to buy Puerh tea, you must remember one sentence: drink it. Puerh tea is different from green tea, oolong tea and other tea leaves. In terms of appearance, there is no difference in quality. Tea with a beautiful appearance may not be good. For the same reason, the appearance may not be good, and it may be the best.

  Care to say whether a tea is good or bad is actually not reliable. The key is to taste suitable for yourself. When buying Puerh tea, one of the key criteria for choosing it is to suit your taste. Perhaps the same bubble tea, two different people will have completely contradictory evaluation, this is caused by different personal tastes.

However, there is another problem, that is, the same tea, even the same tea set, the same water, and different people brewing, there will be different tastes, which is related to the brewing time, water injection method, etc., This is also a magical place for Puerh tea, so the best way to buy Puerh tea is to brew it yourself.

  For those who first drink Puerh tea, it is best to start with cooked tea. Raw tea generally feels stronger in the mouth, and the bitterness will be heavier, and it may be a bit uncomfortable at first (but this bitterness is often one of the unique signs of some good teas), while cooked tea is relatively mild. It doesn't matter whether you choose tea cakes or tea bricks or other shapes of pressed tea. The key is to suit yourself and your favorite.

   Regarding the brewed tea, the taste of Puerh tea is mainly evaluated in terms of mellowness, smoothness and sweetness. Mellow refers to pure taste and thick soup, the tea soup of high-quality Puerh tea feels rich and thick in the mouth, pure taste; slippery in the smooth refers to the lubricity of tea.

  Tea soup flows smoothly in the mouth without any astringent feeling. When it is cool, it describes the tea soup as refreshing. High-quality Puerh tea has the characteristics of smoothness. The tea soup slides down, and the throat feels very moisturizing; Returning sweetness means that after the tea soup is swallowed, there is a clear feeling of sweetness in the mouth and throat. Good Puerh tea slips, moisturizes, and regains sweetness. If it is raw tea, it will generally be slightly bitter, and bitterness is also the original nature of tea. However, after bitterness, a sweet feeling will appear on the tongue, side, and throat, which is back to sweetness. The faster you return to sweetness, the stronger the feeling, indicating that the quality of the tea is better.

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