It often seems there are two types of people in the world – one who find ironing smooth and easy and the ones who find ironing tiring and rather place their clothes under jumpers.

If you fall under the group of latter people, it means you hate ironing. In this guide, we are going to discuss how to iron a shirt as quick as possible. With some practice and experience, you can iron your shirt within no less than 5 minutes. You have to set the temperature specified on the label of shirt. If it is not mentioned, make sure it is not too hot and test invisible area first.

There is no lack of collections from a huge range of leading menswear brands to be available this season. Creases are common problem in most types of shirts. Well, if you are ready to iron, they are not. Here’s how to become an expert in ironing a shirt in five minutes.

Iron Board

You will need a perfectly padded ironing board that can make it a lot easier to iron your clothes. Iron is going to be very hot. So, a water sprayer is your secret weapon which will be handy for you. Damp shirts are relatively easier to iron if they are not soaked. When ironing, keep spraying your shirt.

Split into sections

Break your shirt down into sections so ironing can be easy for you. It’s up to your own choice but it is recommended to iron in this order –

• Yoke (section on your shoulders) – Put right side of yoke on the corner of board, pull tight with spare hand and press the iron hard down until it is smooth. Repeat the process on left side.
• Collar – You need to open it up and lay it flat on the board before you iron its back, instead of front. Once you stop the shirt flapping, you can do it up as you iron a body.
• Front right – place the end of ironing board on the shoulder of shirt, pull tight with hand and press down the iron hard. You need to iron in-between the buttons, not above.
• Back – Turn the right part of shirt across the edge of board and iron the back side of the shirt, while moving it over and around the board. It’s like you are turning shirt like rotisserie chicken.
• Front left – Place the inner part of shoulder on the edge of the board. Spray it again to iron the panel with button holes “placket”. Pull tight with empty hand and iron with another. Press down through the back of iron instead of front if you don’t want to bunch the fabric when you push.
• Sleeves – Lay one sleeve flat on the board and it shouldn’t be twisted on shoulder. Run a hand over it and ensure it is smooth and ready to iron on. Rotate it and repeat. Iron on the inside of sleeves and treat cuffs like a corner.

A good iron brand is always best for your clothes ironing.

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