Investing in the stock market is quite a risky market. However, there are many sectors in which one can invest in and either decrease or increase one risk. Usually, the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. The fields of investments are options, mutual funds, common stocks, preferred stocks, governments bonds, etc. Government bonds and mutual funds are the lists risky. However, the profits on these investment instruments are very low. Returns normally range from about 3% to 5%. The field in which I am trained in is common stock and the focus of this article is about investing in common stock. Investing in common stock has a bigger risk than government bonds and mutual funds. However, if you do your homework correctly and completely you will decrease the risk significantly and the rewards are usually great.

Getting Prepared to Invest in the Stock Market

Before you can trade in the stock market, you will require to open an account with a well-known stock brokerage firm. It is better to use a bank that has a brokerage division. The purpose of this is for you to have easy access to your money. That means you can transfer cash from your brokerage account to your bank account directly. Otherwise, money has to be sent to you when you do a withdrawal from your brokerage account.

Next, you .need to sign up to have online access to your account. After this is done, you will want to have a real time way to the stock market. Most famous brokerage companies will give this service to you depends on your deposit. The more cash you deposit, the more services you will get for free. Note - you do not require the 15 minutes to delay real time stock prices. This is no good for you. You need real time stock prices. Once this is set-up, you are ready to rock and roll.

Common Stock Selection

Next point you require to do is to choose the stocks that you want to invest in. This part is time-consuming. What I did for finding my stocks is as follow: at the end of every trading day, I looked at the stock market of interest and see at all the best playing stocks for the day. In doing so, you will get a stock code which is required for buying, selling, and researching stocks, etc.

The next point you need to do is to research all the stock that you are interested in. You need to look at financial statements and balance sheet for 5 years. Financial statements will show you if the firm is earning money or losing money. Also, a financial statement tells you a company selling trend and expense trend. Therefore, you can decide if a company is growing or not. The balance sheet will tell you if the company has money and assets or if it is in debt. If a company's chances are 25% of all its asset, that is a financially sound company. However, if a company's liabilities is 75% of its assets, that company is in serious financial debt and will be a highly risky investment. To be successful in the stock market, you will want to be knowledgeable about financial statements and balance sheets.

Monitor Stock Price

The method of earning money in the stock market is to purchase low and sell high. Hence, timing is very significant in the stock market. All stocks have a pattern. There are peaks and valleys in every stock. Some news will make stocks prices down or up. These are the waves that you have to see for. Therefore, you purchase on the low and sell on the high. To watch a stock rate, you will have to create a stock chart. Your brokerage firm may give this service. watch for the stock chart. You may also find stocks charts on Yahoo,, and other related websites. Once you find the service, all you have to do is to open the stock code. Next, you will have to choose a time frame. You can choose the maximum time frame and see what the stock has been doing for several years. Next, you can choose 5 years and see what the stock has been doing for the last 5 years. You can play around with the stock chart to get a feel of the stock. In the end, you want to estimate out the stock low and high price. Being ready to analyze a stock chart is a very significant aspect of investing in the stock market. Taking this skill and becoming very good at it is very necessary for making money in the stock market.

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