Years ago, I felt like I was living a little bit of a lie. Everything I put out there on my website was focused strictly on business, both client attraction and marketing. However, when you get more familiar with my work, you can start to see what’s on the inside: my spirituality.

I was talking to a friend of mine about spirituality and mindset and she said, “You’ve got to start doing this with your clients. They would get better results if you could do the marketing and the mindset stuff.” She invited me to do a one-time teleseminar, “How to Manifest All the Clients You Need,” which featured my manifesting and mindset techniques and (believe it or not) zero marketing.

The feedback on that program was crazy! I got extraordinary comments, so I decided to start sprinkling these ideas into my other programs. On a 30-minute call with a client, I offered to try something in the last five minutes that had really worked for me. I shared a manifesting idea and she ate it up! She wanted to do more during her next session. I felt comfortable trying it with more clients and a few actually preferred the manifesting spiritual work to the marketing work.

Don’t be afraid to introduce the spiritual aspect of what you do to your clients. My advice is to start with the fundamental business material; That’s what you need to get a foot in the door. Be sure to deliver well on what you promise.

After building rapport and confidence in your skills, you can start introducing concepts that they really need, but might not think they need. Throw in some of your more spiritual material. You don’t need to call it anything crazy – refer to the material as the psychology of success. Many clients are hungry for this sort of thing, and you just need to position it right so they will be open to it and you don’t scare them off during the client attraction process.

Your Assignment:
Is there a spiritual angle to the work you do? Don’t be afraid to share this with your clients. It may seem scary at first, but after a bit of time working together, you can talk about the special things you do yourself and offer up how these ideas might help them too. Think about how to label the tools and talk about them in a way that’s not overly “woo-woo” for easier acceptance from your clients.

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