Installing Leaning Posts And T-Tops

As you may be already aware, T-tops and lean posts are very useful structures to have on your boat. But since you may have already spent a considerable amount when purchasing your boat you might want to find an affordable way of installing such an accessories on your boat. Once you have located a good deal for a T-top and lean post structure a key area you can save on is by taking care of the installation by yourself. Knowing how to install your own T-top and leaning post will also be beneficial in the instance you find good deals in the second hand market which will often be a more affordable approach to take.

Since boat T-tops are relatively large structures you might want to begin the operation with at least two or three extra people to help. General tools such as a caulk gun, Allen wrench, electric frill and bits will be required for the job. Identify the best mounting location and mark it clearly. This is very important as you would not want make mistakes and drill too many holes in your boat. Following manufacturer instructions which you would even be able to download online is advisable as it will make sure a correct job is done in the first place.

In a similar manner you would be able to fix the leaning posts into your boat as well. After assembly of the structure it should ideally be mounted about 12 inches away from the console area. When drilling in to the boat be careful about any electrical wiring, hoses or gas lines which may be running underneath the surface. The drill should also be always held perpendicular when drilling holes.

Useful Cleaning Tips For Marine Accessories

Washing down your boat and marine accessories is a very critical aspect which will allow you to properly maintain your boat to make using it a more enjoyable activity. It is also a way to protect your investment and ensure is stays in good condition for an extended period of time for loner lasting use. In terms of a light wash it would only take up about 30 – 45 minutes and you must make sure to use specialized cleaning products for areas such as stainless steel and anodized aluminum structure found on T-tops and lean posts and on marine upholstery and canvas. Some of the cleaning products you may use include:

  • Mild household detergent
  • Vinegar
  • Vinyl protectant
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