Building your life requires a bit of inspiration, doesn’t it? Because problems arise. Because resourcefulness is necessary. Because what matters shifts.

How do you solve big problems?

I’ve found that pausing is useful.

Simply pausing!

For example, one pause might be to focus a bit on my breath. The breathing process gives me a bit of a break that’s helpful in reaching a calm alertness. Especially in times of new challenges!

Awareness of myself and my surroundings from noticing my breathing can guide me to inspiration based on my situation.

A deeper awareness of being in the present moment arises allows me to use all that I’ve learned in my lifetime. And to apply all of that to right now.

I’ve also found that simply noticing my breathing steadies me to begin assessing what’s next. Even in the times when I’ve not faced this circumstance or anything much like it before.

Sometimes just one breath is all it takes!

Other times? Yes, indeed it often takes quite a bit more than observing a single breath.

Yet, because paying attention to my breath for a while does tend to work well for me, I do include diving into my breath in my inspiration toolkit.

Basically, inspiring myself to creativity is a process.

I experiment.

I look in different ways at what I need to figure out to handle what’s happened. I open myself to inspiration, to creativity, to resourcefulness. I allow myself room to relax.

Digging within helps. Because there’s a natural wellspring of creativity within!

For me, tapping my creativity and getting bits and flashes of inspiration requires a bit of a relaxed approach.

That’s why the part about pausing is useful for me.

Pausing relaxes me.

That’s right, pausing and paying attention to my breath can induce a relaxation response. That’s valuable!

In fact, the relaxation response even all by itself is helpful. Because when I trigger the relaxation response, I allow my natural talents and abilities a better environment in which to act.

Relaxation shakes things up!

It’s kind of a space in which I allow my talent and ability to loosen up a bit. That allows me to prepare to shift into some form of an action mode as I decipher what’s next.

Because when a new problem arises, there’s often a natural tendency towards stiffening up, isn’t there?

Tension arises. The fight or flight response begins.

That fight or flight arousal is helpful for the kind of emergencies where fight or flight are truly a useful response. But in the busy world we live in, there are many problems that require a far gentler and more relaxed response that leads to inspiration and creativity.

I inspire myself to move toward creativity by accepting a need to step into relaxation.

Inspiration tends to arise when I reflect a bit. Letting inspiration out to play, so to speak.

Because I’ve found that it takes me a bit of doing to recognize that there’s a challenge to face. That’s mostly about doing what I need to do to begin to respond by stepping away into the tiny break of paying attention to my breathing as a way of inducing a relaxation response.

That kind of more relaxed thinking helps me remember times when I’ve faced other problems successfully. Relaxation frees up inner resources and provides the freedom to search out creative solutions.

I’ve got a natural source of inspiration within! Inspiration goes to work when I allow myself the wiggle room to let it get going.

I’ve discovered that it seems to connect with my willingness to accept whatever’s happening… by finding a new way through, over, or around.

How do you solve big problems once you accept that relaxation response?

Face big problems head on. Allow yourself to rediscover that life begins anew. Face challenges with talents and abilities relaxed. Search for a batch of creative possibilities to try as what’s next. Accept that it’s time to experiment!

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