With mind-bending challenges at school or at work, you might find yourself asking how to increase your IQ level to help you in your tasks. Some people are gifted with great intelligence at birth, while some gain it overtime.

There are a number of ways on how to increase your IQ level. Read on to find out more.

Tip # 1: Get Focused.

Many people get distracted by even the smallest things. But in reality, we know what distracts us; we just don't want to separate ourselves from them.

Once you're focused, your mind will gradually grow and, thus, increase your IQ. When starting out, you need to have a distraction-free environment to allow your mind to absorb information more efficiently.

Tip # 2: Stimulate Your Brain.

You can boost your brain power with games. You see, your mind works like a machine: If you don't use it, it will eventually deteriorate and work less efficiently. Sometimes, your mind gets used to a certain routine and it slows down.

By constantly challenging yourself with new puzzles and games, you can keep your mind in top shape. Chess and Sudoku are two of the best mind games because they deal with using mental strategies to win or finish the game.

If the games above are too "brainy" for you, or you have little free time, then I recommend playing Tetris. Tetris - while fun to play - stimulates the brain as the higher the level you attain, the faster the blocks fall down, forcing you to make logical decisions quickly.

Tip # 3: Eat Brain Foods.

Here's how to increase your IQ the fun way - eat "brain foods." No, I'm not referring to those medicines that promise a boost in brain performance.

What I'm referring to are natural foods that have been proven to have the same effects. Nuts and seeds, if you're not allergic to them, are a good start. Blueberries, whole grains, broccoli, grass-fed beef and raisins can also help in enhancing your intelligence.

Avoid consuming large amounts of sugar as well, as this could make your mind feel sluggish.

Tip # 4: Think For Yourself.

When a problem comes up, don't try to take the easy way out. Don't rely on other people to come up with the solution either.

I know it's tempting to just let your co-workers or group mates think of a game plan; but if you really want to increase your IQ, try thinking of a better solution to counter the problem yourself.

Tip # 5: Read Books.

Another effective way on how to increase your IQ is to read books. Books are a timeless source of information (and entertainment). Aside from being fun to do, reading books can also expand your vocabulary as you encounter new words. They provide new information for you to feed on.

These are some of the ways on how to increase your IQ level. Just follow them and you'll see your intelligence improve, allowing you to perform better in brain-challenging situations.

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