As millions of adults around the globe get on in the years, they begin to work so hard and get so stressed that they find it challenging, or even downright impossible, to increase how happy they are. Growing old shouldn’t force you to suck out all the joy from your life, however; in your old age more than ever, you deserve satisfaction and happiness. So how can you steadily increase your happiness as you age?

Leaving behind a valued legacy

The first thing you should understand about increasing your happiness as you get older is that there’s serious satisfaction in leaving behind a positive legacy. You don’t have to have had children or grandchildren to leave behind a positive legacy, and you certainly don’t have to have been married for decades to a single partner to leave behind a legacy someone else can appreciate. When it comes to being content with yourself as you age, you should focus on what you’ll leave behind, and how the world will remember you, if you want to live a meaningful and happy life.

Figuring out how you’ll leave a legacy isn’t the only way to increase your happiness, of course; you can focus on the now, too. We know as a matter of fact that happiness changes with age, meaning the things that once brought you joy and satisfaction in your youth won’t necessarily make you content today, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stumble around finding news hobbies or interests.

Consider revisiting some of your earlier hobbies that you may have abandoned on the long and winding road of life, and you may be surprised at how much fun you have remastering an old skill. Active hobbies, in particular, will go a long way towards boosting your overall satisfaction; exercising has proven to release positive endorphins that make you feel better, after all.

You don’t have to get crankier as you age, and you certainly don’t have to focus on others to find joy, either; spending some well-earned time off to reflect on what’s truly brought you individual joy throughout your life will go a long way towards ensuring happiness isn’t elusive as you continue to age, even if you need hospice care. Meditation, introspection, and journaling are all fantastic mental exercises that help you find inner peace, and determine which aspects of your life are valuable to you as you grow older.

Above all else, finding true happiness as you age necessitates honesty. Older folks have long since abandoned illusions of immortality, and should reflect upon the temporary nature of life openly and honesty. Having experienced so much, and having witnessed so much global change, you’re unlikely to be cowed by fears of growing even older. Don’t be afraid to relax, take some deep breaths, and openly and honestly reflect on your spiritual beliefs, whatever they may be, to help you find peace and satisfaction in your golden years.

Happiness is a tricky thing, and doesn’t always come easy; follow the above tips, however, and remember to always be honest with yourself and your capabilities, and you’ll soon find yourself increasing your happiness as you get older.

Author's Bio: 

Jeremiah Owyang is an internet entrepreneur.