WhatsApp is a messaging app, which users use to send text messages audios, videos, and other types of content. Installing the app is very easy as users can download it on their mobile and provide their number. The app will be activated for various types of activities. Users also have the option of creating various groups and send message on a particular group having a particular type of audience. Groups can be family, friends, partners, and many others. Currently, WhatsApp allows 256 people in a single and in this article, we will know the ways of increasing the number of members in a group above 256. First, let us know what a WhatsApp group is.

WhatsApp group
WhatsApp group includes contacts of friends, family, customers, and many others. People can create various groups and include maximum 256 contacts as per the rules of the app. You can create your own whatsapp group names for your groups this is really an awesome feature of it. After the creation of a group, there is no need to send similar messages to separate people. All these messages can be once sent to the group and the members will receive it. Each group has one or more admits who control the group. He also has the option of adding somebody to and removing somebody the group. If a user has blocked somebody but he is in the group, the message of blocked person will not reach the user.

Increasing the number of members in a group
As motioned that a group can have maximum 256 members and users cannot add more people in that group. Now here comes the question regarding increasing the number in a group which already has 256 members. There is one option to edit the patch file to increase the number but now WhatsApp has restricted the permission of editing the file.

How to increase the number of people in a group?
Here are the steps, which users can use to increase users in a group.

1. Force the app to stop and in order to do that, go to Settings > Apps > Running Services > WhatsApp > Force Stop.
2. Open the ES File Explorer.
3. Go to Root Explorer from the menu bar.
4. Go to /data/data/com.whatsApp/shared_prefs.
5. In the ES note editor, open the file whatspp_prerference.xml.
6. Here a sentence will be seen “Now edit the sentence and add one more 6 along with 256.”
7. Save the file and add 257th member in the group.

The other way is share your whatsapp group link to the user thru which they can add to the group this is one of best way to add more and more users

Adding members to whatsApp group via WA Tweaks App
Here are the steps to add members through WA Tweaks app.

1. Download the app and install it.
2. Open the Xposed Installer and click Modules.
3. Click the blank box in front of the app name and restart the device.
4. Open heap and go to the dashboard where there is a three line option. Click this option.
5. Click Bypass Group participant limit and save the settings.
6. Now users can add as many members in each whatsApp group as they want.

One disadvantage of using this app is that users will not be able to add the members manually. They have to share a link in order to add members.

Why the number has been restricted?
The number of group members has been restricted to 256 as there can be a chance of spamming. This can easily be done by the marketing companies who can flood the messages of their products and services if there is no restriction.

Wrapping Up
These are the reasons due to which the number is restricted to 256. Although, there are options to increase the members. The number has been restricted according to the Fair Use Policy of the app.

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