If you are looking to increase traffic to your website you need to take care of more than mere website design. A city may have a number of florists who operate websites but only a select few really get the bulk of their orders online. Wonder why that is? It is because they do more than just put up a site with some fancy flower arrangements and price tags. They know that marketing online is a bit different from marketing offline. They take the effort to make their sites the most popular ones. Web designers will help you do the needful if you know exactly what you want. Here are some ways that you can increase traffic to your website.

Link Exchange

Any site will be happy to offer a link to a site that may interest their readers. A city may have a whole bunch of florists but if someone is looking for a combination of balloons, cake and flowers, not all of them will offer all the services. So it would make sense for individual service providers to be linked to a single site where the customer may be able to find them all at his convenience. Such link exchange with related service sites will help increase traffic to your website and this will be traffic that will convert better into sales.

Submit Site to Search Engines

Everyone wants organic traffic from search engines. This is the kind of traffic that actually comes hunting for things that you deal with on your website via search engines. They are already keyed in to the exact niche that your website is in. A simple thing that many web site owners forget to do is submit their site details to search engines. You would think that it was rather an obvious thing to do, but many sites do not fill in the meta tags that will help search engines to categorize their websites either. Taking a few minutes to fill in the submission forms on the major search engines will make it much easier for the right niche traffic to find your site.


Many small business owners feel that they cannot afford to advertise online. They may do link exchanges and will even hope to boost organic traffic from search engines but ask them to spend money on advertisements and they will back away. The truth is that advertising in the right place may not be quite as expensive as these people think. One great place to advertise is on social media sites. Many of these sites are based on common interests and if these interests can extend into better sales for your company it is well worth looking into. Here you can actually target the relevant customer group with advertisements that will interest them. Plus since the ads will not be displayed all the time but only to relevant sections of the traffic they will not cost quite as much as having a permanent banner on a website.

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