Sperm motility is the capability of the sperm to move towards the egg of the female. Some men face difficulty in making their partners conceive due to sperm motility issues. There are several issues related to sperm like inadequate sperm, abnormal sperm and sometime the movement of the sperm known as sperm motility. But due to the advancement of the seciense, researchers have developed ways to increase sperm motility.

The diet plays a major role in the proper movement of sperms. The two proteins L-Carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine help in the long and right movement of sperms as they transfer the fatty acids to a area where they will give proper power to the sperms so that they can meet the egg of the female. So the men’s diet should not lack in carnitine.

Sperm motility can be due to a specific hormone deficiency. This kind of sperm motility problem can be solved by proper medications. The medicines should be taken with the consultation of the good physician only as they can have some side effects.

Avoid taking laptop in your lap. The laptops produce lot of heat which is bad for the testicles and sometimes creates the problem of sperm motility. So it is advisable to use lap pads.

Avoid wearing tight underwear: The tight underwear and tight pant will give a bad effect on the sperm count as the testes produces sperm at a temperature of 8 degrees less than the normal body temperature. So wear loose pants so that the testes can breathe properly and cam produce good sperms.

Quit smoking and drinking. The smoking and drinking are very bad for the fertility of the men. So quit smoking and drinking when you are facing sperm and fertility issues.

Do not over gym yourself. The exercises are good for our health but verging will give a negative effect on your sex life. You will face sperm count problem, fertility issues, impotency.Avoid prolonged exercises and taking lot of weights on your arms.

Have adequate vitamin C and Vitamin A as both these vitamins helps in increasing sperm motility and viability. Have tomatoes, oranges, lemon, amla etc.Tomotoes contain lycopene which helps in the production of sperms. Vitamin C helps in healthier sperms and avoids them to stick together. Vitamin A can be obtained by eating vegetables and fruits like papaya, carrots, spinach, broccoli etc.

Take zinc supplement. The zinc supplement will not only help in increasing the testorene levels but this will also increase the sperm count.

Increase the intake of green leafy vegetables, whole grains and beans as they contain lot of folic acid which is very necessary for removing the birth defects and any kind of chromosome defect. You can take a folic acid supplement also.

In spite of having these ways to come out of the problem of sperm motility there are some causes for which no remedy is available like any kind of genetic reason or physical defect.

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