Do you have a local business such as a street front store, restaurant, pharmacy, health care store and want to increase sales to grow your earnings ? Attention we are talking about increasing your earnings and not just the number of sales. In fact, to incentivize sales it would be sufficient to apply strong discounts on your price list, but we do not want you to sell off your products. You can also increase the number of sales per customer by making them come back to buy from you more often. But how to do it? By creating targeted offers and promotions to be sent periodically.

Increase your sales by focusing on customer loyalty

Why is it better to retain your customers rather than aiming to acquire new ones? Because the conversion cost is significantly lower in the first case. Applying unorganized discounts on your products / services does not bring significant results in the long run.

Are you worried about investing your resources effectively and profitably? We know: the profit margins are getting tighter and tighter. For you, being able to save on unnecessary expenses is essential. So before starting from the beginning to look for new buyers, try to increase your sales by addressing existing customers and giving them attention and small acknowledgments. This is to remind them that you are there, that you are always at their disposal and that you are able to satisfy their needs for novelty.

The disadvantages of applying heavy discounts to attract new customers

Selling your products / services to increase sales is disadvantageous because:

1. If the offers continue over time, your customers will have a distorted perception of the real value of your products / services and will be less likely to pay for them at full price.

2. The risk is then to reach mostly those buyers interested in offers, who will buy only at bargain prices.

3. The conversion costs are very high. Platforms like Coupon retain 50% of the revenue from each sale.

Coupon also has contractual obligations for which you are forced to join for a specific period and you are obliged to apply the percentage of 50% discount by using millets discount code. On this topic also read How Coupon works for merchants.

4. This does not mean that we must not make discounts , but that we must think of them with a view to return on investment. Relevant% discounts (over 30%) should only be used to attract new customers, who then have to try to keep with targeted and decidedly less expensive offers and promotions.

5. The loyalty of customers is the best result you can get from a promotional campaign: because in this way you are assured of having a fixed income, and stimulate sales. To retain buyers, it is necessary to build a relationship that is based on trust and sharing of values ​​and create involvement, only in this way will it be possible to increase sales.

The importance of creating loyalty programs

Another way to increase sales is to create loyalty programs. That people love rewards, discounts and freebies is a fact. In a study carried out by KPMG entitled the truth about loyalty programs, it emerges that in the world and especially in Italy, Canada and Australia, people shop, several times a week, which will give them rewards / discounts.

Increase sales with simple loyalty programs

Loyalty programs do not have to be expensive, much less complex, but it is important that they are continuous, precisely because they generate involvement and behavioral habits in people. And habits are harder to change and lose. This means more confidence for you to increase your sales.

The best way to earn customer loyalty to add benefits to the products / services they are already interested in and intend to buy. Your loyalty program may include:

1. a complimentary dessert after 5 dinners at your restaurant. (You are offering a reward after a certain number of purchases );

2. a sanitizing gel if you spend at least € 30 at your pharmacy. (In this case the gift comes with a minimal expense ). In both cases these are easily obtainable benefits, which do not require a lot of effort from the buyer and are not expensive for you.

3. The free home delivery for online purchases of winter sale, with the possibility of free returns in the store . (This way buyers will physically come to your store where they can also exchange the purchased product).

4. Sending targeted promotions to your customers helps you build a relationship, boosting their engagement, helping you close new transactions and boost sales. In short, you will have a privileged channel of direct communication with your buyers, which you can manage in complete autonomy.

How to manage the sending of digital promotions?

1. Of course we know that, as an entrepreneur / business manager, you will have little time to devote to digital, but we also know that all your buyers have a mobile phone and social profiles on the main networks.

2. Promosearcher is the service that helps you get them back and increase your sales. It helps you create and send web and mobile promotions. You only need a few minutes a week to set your preferences, the autopilot will take care of the rest, working for you. Your buyers will be able to take advantage of your offers and buy them immediately, paying them by credit card, PayPal, Satispay or, if you prefer, directly in your store. By integrating the home deliveries module you will have the complete management of deliveries to schedule them in a transparent and efficient way.

3. You do not need to activate an e-commerce, with Promosearcher you can sell directly online and through the app.

4. You can create point collections, always showing your users the accumulated points balance and the missing points when the reward reached.

5. Furthermore, Promosearcher offers you the possibility to manage bookings from your buyers directly from your smartphone. You and your collaborators will always have a calendar of table reservations at hand, rather than appointments with professionals such as doctors, consultants, etc.

6. Increasing sales with Promosearcher is easy! For more information, contact the Promosearcher team directly who will be able to provide you with personalized advice.

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