Website content writing requires good Search Engine Optimization or SEO ranking which is directly related to the amount of traffic that will be attracted to your site. Although providing 100% original SEO content still is the deciding factor, adding backlinks can popularize your content across the globe. This will add to the flow of traffic including your popularity.

Adding backlinks has been an accepted norm for growing in SEO ranking in the content writing industry. Backlinks are links that lead to your website and are generally positioned in another site and not yours. Having plenty of backlinks is not a bad thing. One-way backlinks are the best as these guide the viewers to your website without mentioning about the site they visited before clicking on the Backlink. This brings about instant fame for your website and for you as well in the field of website content writing.

In content writing, a simple way to build free backlinks can be to connect to online forums. The followers of these forums will visit your links and they will go to your website, thus escalating the traffic and the reputation of your website. However, urging them to click on your links is the most difficult part.

Let’s discuss some ways in which backlinks can perform better in such an online forum.

Choice of Forums: In website content writing, the most vital factor is to select the website where you would like to position your link. Inserting your link will lose its significance if people fail to click on it. Be sure about the topic of the forum to check whether it is relevant to your content. If you think your content adds more matter to what the content of a forum, you can include that forum in your list. Choose the forums intelligently as this decision will seal the fate for your work.

Make the Author-Box useful: While joining a forum, you are requested to fill up a personal information or profile page. Most forums incorporate an author box at the bottom of every profile page. In content writing, you need to make complete use of this signature box. You can give your details, name of your company and every other significant detail. You also are given the freedom to place a link inside the signature box. However at the end of the day, it is the substance that will be the deciding factor for your website.

Active Participation: Be a dynamic participant in every forum. Making a practice of relevant article writing and posting is very vital if you would like others to take interest in you. Utilize the liberty provided by the forums and incorporate text-anchors in the body of your article. This will increase the traffic for your website to a great extent. Choosing an appropriate forum means you will have the freedom to use as many keywords required in your article.

These are some basic ways in which you can make good use of backlinks to increase the traffic towards your website. In the world of website content writing, backlinks are a small but deadly tool. Once you know how to use these to your benefit, there will be no stopping you from gaining unmatched popularity.

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