Most teenagers probably want to know the ways to increase height during puberty. Nowadays, when even the air we breathe is polluted, we need to be sure that we are providing the body essential nutrients and exercise to facilitate the process of growth. Moreover, while we are small, most of our bones are made of cartilage that hardens into solid bones as we age. Furthermore, the cartilage plates are situated at the end of the bones, which are responsible for the growth of the body. In addition, proper nutrition and adequate exercise is essential for proper growth during teenage.

Besides, enough calcium and proteins along with calories are essential for physical growth. Moreover, proteins provide amino acids, which are needed to build muscles. And, proper growth of muscles is necessary to increase height during puberty. In addition, adequate amount of calories acts as a fuel for our daily activities. Also, calories help to build muscles. Furthermore, calcium is also essential to increase height during puberty, since calcium not only strengthen the bones but also, helps in their growth. Additionally, lack of essential nutrients may sabotage the body's efforts to grow taller. However, some tips are mentioned ahead that can help to gain healthy nutrition.

1. It is important to eat at regular intervals.

2. Never skip a meal.

3. Always start the day with a well-rounded breakfast, for instance include yoghurt, cheese, and milk in the diet.

4. It is essential to keep digestive system healthy, so chew well while eating.

5. It is beneficial to avoid foods that have very little nutritive value, for example soda drinks, crisps, and pastries.

6. Increase intake of green leafy vegetables, and fresh fruits.

7. Instead of using common bread, choose whole wheat bread.

8. Sleep well at night to aid process of growth.

However, exercising yoga can help to increase height during puberty. Moreover, various postures of yoga are specifically used to grow taller. In addition, yoga postures also enhance the body's ability to absorb nutrition, which is very important to increase height during puberty. Besides, yoga postures help to stay fit without consuming excess energy. On the other hand, yoga can prevent from illnesses by strengthening the immune system.

Nevertheless, breathing exercise is also important to increase height during puberty. Moreover, breathing exercise keeps the blood oxygenated, and it is very important for proper growth, since blood provides nourishment to the bones and muscles. Besides, inhaling, retaining and exhaling are the three important phases of breathing exercise. And, these three phases help the lungs to absorb the oxygen more efficiently.

In conclusion, to increase height during puberty, it is important to follow the tips that are mentioned above. Moreover, the mentioned tips will not only help to grow taller but also, help to stay fit. In addition, the mentioned tips will boost the production of growth hormones, which are very essential to grow taller. Besides, these tips will provide a magnetic personality which will be helpful to be successful in adult years. And, these tips will also bless you with longevity.

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