There are many health benefits that can come from using Spirulina powder. In a nutshell, it contains high concentrations of complete proteins, quite a few important vitamins, many of the most important minerals and all of the amino acids that your body needs to help the immune system. In many circles, it is considered a super food. Because it can be purchased in powder form, it is actually quite easy to add to the foods you are already eating.

Most people have a difficult time getting their children to eat properly. If you can't get your children to drink the morning protein shake or eat more than a mouthful of salad at dinnertime, you may wonder how you will ever get them to eat a health supplement. The trick is to disguise it as something else entirely. It is suggested that children between the ages of two and ten years old could really benefit from one teaspoon of Spirulina powder daily. The trick is to get them to actually eat it.

One of the most popular methods parents use to get their children to include Spirulina in their diets is to mix the powder into a tasty fruit smoothie. You can use yogurt and any kind of fruit that your child likes. Add some fruit juice and ice and the Spirulina and blend it all into a luscious smoothie. Your child will thank you for making a treat and you will be secure in knowing that your child is on the road to better nutrition.

You can simply add a spoonful of Spirulina powder to a glass of fruit juice in the morning or even sprinkle it over a bowl of cereal. A great afternoon snack might be chips and salsa, as long as you have added the powder to the salsa and blended it well. You might want to include it in a creamy vegetable dip instead.

Italian food makes an excellent base for this nutritional supplement, so adding it to a pesto or marinara sauce is a great way to include it in your dinner. Add it to soups or potato dishes or practically anything else you can think of. As you can see, it really isn't hard to add the powerful punch of Spirulina powder to your family's daily food intake. This is a great way to be assured that your family is getting all of the nutrition they need without having to convince them to take supplements. What they don't know may really give them an amazing nutritional benefit that they may not get any other way.

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Editor’s Note: Peter Morgan is a health writer for Spirulina UK covering information on spirulina powder as well as the benefits of chlorella powder.