When you are a travel blogger, you have to write about a lot of things. Many times, it might have happened that you might have felt like improving your travel blogging skills, but you never knew on what grounds you need to improve.

Take pictures, lots of them

If you find it difficult to recall the events of your journey, it is better that you click a lot of pictures. Since you are a travel blogger, you might like to write about food, transportation, and clothing of the locals. Therefore, don’t just get busy in clicking pictures of you and your family. It is good for you not to be a tourist photographer, and be a traveler who likes to click pictures of everything unusual, and everything you will not find on the internet. Even if you have not preplanned your blogs, it will help you to have pictures of all kinds in your phone or camera. If you hired a car rental in Bangalore without driver, you may ask the name of the delivery boy from India, and write about his personality. It will give a personal touch to your blogs, and the reader will feel connected to it.

Make notes

You cannot write every day while you travel; you may get down to write only when you return home or a place where you get to relax for a while. That is why; it is better to make notes in your phone or pocket diary as you travel around new places. You may note down the minute details of the time of your flight, train, or cab. You may note down the places along with dates when you visited them. Write down the name, contact number, and hints of the talk you had with any stranger you met while traveling. Your blogs become interesting when you quote real encounters with people.

Read a lot

While writing about travel is important, it is equally crucial to read from other bloggers. The best way to improve your travel writing is to read from the similar genre from other bloggers. You can also read books and blogs from other genres. Books are your best friends when you are in the profession of writing. You will get to know about the new writing styles, slangs used around the world, and know the perspective of different bloggers.

Use proper grammar

No matter how great your content is, you may not be able to attract a good number of readers if you use poor grammar. Pay attention to the typos and grammatical mistakes, and rectify them as soon as possible. Online tools are of some help, but you must not rely on them completely. If you think that you are not the best judge of your grammar, take help from someone who has a good knowledge of English. Having impeccable grammar may not be noticeable, but it is highly visible when you make mistakes. It is always beneficial in the long run to have your English language right.

Use simple words

Even if you know a million words from the English vocabulary, they are of no use if your readers cannot relate to them. No one would like to open a dictionary in their phone while reading your blogs, if they have to do it quite often.

You, being a travel blogger may be termed as someone with poor English, but you can always prove the critics wrong. Many travel bloggers are there who have become online influencers, and you can be one of them. Connect well with your readers and have your goals right.

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