How To Improve Your Sex Drive: How To Excite A Woman On Bed

If you want to boost libido and sex drive naturally you can, here we will look at some proven herbs to increase libido that work quickly and naturally to repair your libido and improve your general health. Before we look at the specific herbs, let's look at some common problems that cause men who are in good health to lose their sex drive and have erection problems.

The foundation of your sexual health is based on good blood circulation.

When you become sexually excited, your heart beats faster and blood is sent to the genitals and men with poor libido tend to have sluggish blood circulation.

Next you need to have a key chemical called nitric oxide which is the key chemical in allowing an erection to occur. It is secreted in the walls of the blood vessels, that lead to the penis and allows enough blood to enter to swell the penis and create an erection.

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If you have low levels of this chemical, you will never be able to get, or maintain an erection.

Another key chemical is testosterone which is the main male sex hormone - you know you need it for general health and sex health and if it drops health problems are the result.

Your state of mind also plays a key role in your sexuality.

If you are tired or stressed, you simply will not have enough energy for sex, as the body will immediately shut down your sex drive and put the energy you do have, to use in other areas.

Many men especially as they get older suffer the above problems but they can be cured and we all know we are what we eat!

So pay attention to your diet - get a good balanced diet and then add some herbs to increase libido and your general health will improve and your libido will soar.

Let's look at blood circulation first:

You can get better blood circulation by taking the Chinese popular herbs of Ginseng Ginkgo Biloba add it in Cnidium and you have herbs which will improve blood and oxygen flow, keep the blood nourished and blood vessels healthy

For Nitric oxide

Use L'arginine a naturally occurring amino acid in the body which assists nitric oxide production and then add Cnidium, mentioned above and the aptly named Horny Goat Weed.

For more testosterone

Use Mucuna Pruriens and Tongkat Ali. These two herbs are proven to increase testosterone levels and are a powerful combination.

For more energy and less stress

Take Horny Goat Weed, Ashwagandha Extract - "Indian Ginseng" and Jujube Fruit - these herbs are packed with nutrients to lift mood and energy levels and will make you feel in the mood for sex.

The above combination can be found in all the best natural sex pills. They will give not just your sexual health and libido a boost - but also improve overall wellness and health, just as nature intended with no need for drugs.

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You have heard all about the men boasting about being able to make a woman squirt and you can't help but be envious of them. You fantasize and you dream about being able to make a woman feel this kind of intense pleasure and you also think about how cool it would be if you were able to be the man who gave this to her. This would catapult you onto a whole new level of man with your woman and you would easily become the best in her eyes.

For a lot of men, the idea of making a woman experience female ejaculation feels like one of the biggest obstacles that they will ever overcome. Some men don't even know where to begin and this makes them feel so completely helpless. You feel this way and you feel like even though the idea of giving your woman this kind of pleasure sounds great, you don't think it is ever going to be a reality for you.

It's time that you changed your way of thinking and it's time that you learned these proven stimulation techniques that will give any woman an ejaculating orgasm quickly. That's right. No matter your skill level or how helpless you are in the bedroom. You can change all of that tonight and you can easily make her feel amazing. You can make her squirt.

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The first proven stimulation technique is to move your fingers in circles on the g-spot. Most men are so accustomed to using only light stroking motions or to simulate sex when they are trying to touch the g-spot, but circles are where it's at. Since this is a relatively new technique, it's guaranteed that your woman probably has never experienced it before. Therefore, as soon as you do this to her it is going to send her whole body into shock. It is going to feel so amazing that she won't even know what to do. Now, you have upped the ante with her and it's time you kept it at that level.

In addition to giving her amazing g-spot stimulation with circles, you have to do more than that if you really want to make her feel good. This is the one technique that most men forget about and that they don't master. The female orgasm, whether normal or ejaculating, requires more than just touching down there. If a woman is going to orgasm and feel amazing pleasure, she needs a whole lot more. This is when full body stimulation comes into play. Not only are you focusing on the g-spot, but you are also kissing her passionately, stimulating her nipples and touching her all over. With your free hand and mouth, you are able to do so much and make sure that you give her your all.

The final proven technique to make her squirt quickly is to get her mind in the mood to receive this pleasure. During the entire experience, constantly make sure that she is into it and that she is enjoying herself. If she isn't and if she escapes the moment a few times, that is bad news for you. You must keep her involved and interested at every moment if you want this to happen and if you want it to happen fast.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy exploring her body in a new light. When you do this, you can't help but make her ejaculate and to make her feel the most intense pleasure of her entire life.

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So what does she really want from you? What does she really need when it comes to the question of sex? Different women have different wants in bed but there are some basic needs almost every woman have which you must be aware of. These are the things women desperately desire from their man and actually expect their man to know these but the fact is that most men are oblivious to these things and often tend to ignore it. Read on to discover what these things are and use these to achieve startling results in bed.......

They want a lot of foreplay with creativity- This is something every woman expects in bed since they do not easily get turned on. Not only do they need long sessions of foreplay they expect you to be creative at the same time. They want you to do something new every single time simply due to the fact that if you keep doing the same thing over and over again it all becomes real predictable and the passion tends to go down after a while.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

They want you to experiment- Women want variation in the whole deal. The magic of great sex lies in trying out new things and experiments with various things at the same time. Remember the more experimental you become the more surprises you would be able to give her which would double the pleasure and the satisfaction.

Do not stop till she orgasms- Now this is one complaint a lot of women have with men. Most men pull out too early since they are done but they fail to understand the fact that the woman was about to orgasm and they have left her midway wanting more. Always keep her needs in mind.

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If you want to give your woman outstanding ORAL SEX, follow these 7 steps and you'll give her more sexual pleasure than ever before...

1. Leave Her Panties On

Don't be in a rush to take her panties off.

Leaving them on will build your woman's sexual anticipation and that's always a good thing.

2. Lick Her Legs

Start off by licking her right leg. Go from her ankle, all the way up to her inner thigh and back down again (but don't touch her genitals yet).

Then do the same on her left leg.

Take your time and you'll start getting her very wet.

3. Let Her Feel Your Breath

With her panties still on, put your mouth over her vagina and just breath.

Breath fairly hard and she'll be able to feel your hot breath through the material. This will feel very good to her and increase her SEXUAL EXCITEMENT.

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4. Lick Her Outer Labia

Next, remove her panties and slowly and softly lick her outer labia.

This will take her sexual pleasure up a few levels and she'll be desperate for you to lick her clitoris. But don't do that just yet.

5. Suck Her Outer Labia

Now suck her outer labia, further increasing her pleasure.

NOTE: Be careful as you do this and do not bite her.

6. Put Your Tongue In Her Vagina

At this point she's going to be seriously wet.

Like, soaking wet.

And she's probably going to be trying to get you to put your tongue on her clitoris.

But don't do that just yet.

Instead, make-love to her vagina (the actual hole) with your tongue. This'll drive her wild!

7. Lick Her Clitoris And Get Her Off

When you've done the first 6 steps -- she'll be just about ready to explode.

So give her what she really wants and lick her clitoris until she has an almighty orgasm.

To 'get her off' you'll need to find a pressure your woman likes, a speed she likes and a motion she likes. So as you are licking her notice how she responds and once you find what she responds best too -- keep doing it until she comes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to supercharge your oral sex, put your middle finger into your woman's vagina as you are licking her clitoris. Then massage her G-SPOT. This will result in a powerful 'combination climax' that is both clitoral and vaginal. And "YES" -- it'll totally blow her mind.

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