We live in a time when much attention is paid to clothing and your external style. Everyone wants to show off, stand out and expose his personal and unique taste. Therefore, many began to chase fashionable and stylish clothing to keep up with the rest. Our style can influence the initial assessment of others, our self-esteem and behavior in a social company. One cannot but agree that style is a very important thing.

One the best ideas to improve your unique style is by applying custom patches on your outfit.

But let's try and understand what’s exactly is a style? This is the harmony of all the elements of clothing that make up a single whole. That is your outfit. Simply put, your style reflects your individuality. But the problem is that many people cannot choose the right set of clothes for themselves, which would be liked by themselves and those around them at the same time. Very often we like things that spoil the shape or make the complexion sallow. Therefore, it is necessary to make compromises.

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The rules for choosing your style.

In fact, finding your own style is not that difficult. You can, of course, contact a personal stylist, if you have the means to do so. Professionals will choose for you the appropriate style, color and hairstyle.

But will you like her? The fact is that stylists look at you from the side. And their opinion does not always coincide with the opinion of customers, although they are trying to take into account all the wishes. And not always the stylists will be there to help. Well, they will pick you up style once, the second time, and then what? We'll have to somehow get out. Therefore, it is always better to rely on your own taste. So you will save money and enjoy shopping.

Picking the right colors, what should you know about it?

The next thing to determine is color. And to be more precise, the color palette. You probably noticed more than once that, putting on some color, your skin looks healthy. A different color, on the contrary, makes your complexion dull and earthy. This is because some color suits you, and some does not. And it all depends on your color type. Therefore, in order to know for sure, when going shopping, which color you should choose, you need to determine what color type you belong to.

As you can probably guess, there are four of them: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. It does not depend on the month of your birth. Each type has certain attributes by which you can understand which type is yours. Let's check them in more detail.

Type Winter gives birth to girls with dark hair, fair skin and very expressive shiny eyes. These people correspond to cool shades, from black to metallic. Rich blue, purple and green - these colors will help your image to play.

The type of Spring can be attributed to girls with blond hair, from light to dark blond. Their skin has a peach or pinkish tinge. The eyes are usually blue, gray or green. Such girls fit warm pastel colors: peach, beige, soft blue and so on.

Girls of the Summer type are ashy blondes or brown-haired. Eyes can be gray, blue or brown. These girls fit cold pastel colors. Gray, blue, gently - green. From warm shades to the face will go yellow and red.

And the last type is Autumn. To this type can be attributed girls red or with a reddish shade of hair. It can also be golden blondes or brown-haired women, whose hair has a copper sheen. Such girls fit warm rich tones. It can be red, yellow, orange colors. From green shades it is better to give preference to olive or khaki.

Now you know the essentials of picking your own style by suiting the right colors and unique custom patches.

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