Here's a list of 51 simple, and not-so-simple ways to improve the quality of your life. I added the "not-so-simple" not to be negative, but to keep things real. Some of these really aren't so "simple", but I promise the tough ones become easier when you master the more simple ones one step at a time.

"If it was easy, it wasn't the way."

These are all something which at one point in my life, I had to give up, and am still working on everyday. Sometimes it's tough, but the rewards are great.

1. Drink more water, drink less soda.
I know soda is a hard addiction to overcome for some people, but if you're serious about attaining a better life. It's time to stop giving excuses and just do it.

2. Eat less fast food
I know fast food is easy and convenient, I've been there. But to your health and well-being, it's the exact opposite. Getting a cold or the flu every year isn't worth it.

3. Watch less TV, preferably no TV
Believe it or not. TV is actually the main reason overcoming certain addictions is so difficult. Overcome Television, free up much needed time to be creative and productive, overcome everything else with ease.

4. Read less magazines
Magazines are designed to always make products, ideas, and excess drama which isn't very life enhancing seem desirable. They want you to think your life is boring without all that. Advertisers are very crafty!

5. Buy organic foods
This assures what you're buying is beneficial to your health. Feed your body high quality food, and your chances of becoming sick every year will decline exceptionally.

6. Eat less white-bread
White bread adds zero nutrition to your diet, and is difficult to digest. Go for the whole grain bread, or even better, sprouted bread.

7. Try a mostly vegetarian or vegan diet
Eating less meat and more veggies, enhances your energy because your body isn't using so much energy trying to digest heavy, dense foods such as meat all the time.

8. Invest in a good blender
Having a good blender makes having a healthy life-style much easier. Getting all your veggies and fruits becomes a breeze when you can make delicious juices and smoothies with little effort.

9. Shop at local farmer's markets
It feels good to support your local farmer's and artists. The produce will be less expensive, and organic. You can also learn some valuable information by talking to the vendors there. They love sharing their knowledge with their supporters!

10. Cook at home
Cooking your own food is a very empowering creative act. This assures that you know exactly what you're eating, and that your own creative love energy is going into the food.

11. Exercise and stretch more
Devote at least 30 minutes a day, to an exercise and stretching routine of some kind.

12. Meditate
Sitting in a peaceful place, breathing fully, and calming your mind will ease a lot of your daily stress. And also allows information from your spirit to flow into your mind.

13. Breathe from your stomach
Making it a habit to breathe from your stomach will enhance your energy, vitality, and calm anxiety. Your body will receive more oxygen throughout the day, and your decision making abilities will improve drastically.

14. Learn a musical instrument
A fun, creative, productive hobby that you can always count on when you need something to ease your mind. Music also exercises both the left and right sides of your brain simultaneously.

15. Use your opposite hand
Finding new ways to train your opposite hand, exercises the weaker side of your brain. Start with brushing your teeth, or writing your name with the opposite hand.

16. Get a pet
Having a fun, loving companion always adds positivity and responsibility to your life. NOBODY else will be more excited to see you when you've been away for the day.

17. Listen to uplifting music
Turn off what's playing on the radio and find something that's positive and empowering to your consciousness. Classical is always a good choice.

18. Go camping
Getting away from the everyday routine for a couple of days is always refreshing and calming. It allows you to regain your focus and motivation.

19. Go hiking
Nature will always calm the mind and bring you back into balance with your true self. Nature is our best teacher.

20. Overcome a new addiction every month.
Make it your goal to overcome a new addiction at least once a month. Addictions are only distracting you from your goals.

21. Say Hi and smile to a stranger everyday
Believe it or not, this adds a lot of positivity to a persons day, and also builds your confidence.

22. Don't take things personally
Always take criticism in a positive way. At best it can help you see things from a different point-of-view. At worst you can just disagree, ignore it, thank them and move on.

23. Trust your instincts
Listening to your intuition is your first line of defense against anything which may be destructive to you. It will always guide you to positive experiences when you're in tune with it.

24. Learn from your mistakes
When you make a mistake, which all humans do. Try not to get down on yourself or angry. All mistakes have a positive lesson to be learned.

25. Learn from others mistakes
Watching and learning from other peoples mistakes will prevent you from having to go through it yourself. This is the easiest way to learn!

26. Focus on the NOW
Always focusing on the past or future, is only distracting you from what you could be learning and experiencing now.

27. Forgive yourself and others
Don't hold yourself or others in guilt for anything. Learn something positive from it, forgive it, and move on.

28. Don't judge yourself or others
Being judgmental brings nothing but negative energy. Let others, and you, be your unique selves. Always find something positive in a person, instead of something negative.

29. Tame your ego
The ego has its place, but it tends to only want what satisfies IT, and nothing else. It doesn't care if it's healthy or destructive to the whole. Your ego is not the true YOU, it is only a conjugate to the mind. Seek to satisfy the true you, which is your spirit, which benefits and loves ALL.

30. Become an active listener
Instead of always being the one talking, try being the one who listens. You'll be surprised how much more you can learn.

31. Learn how to say NO
This one is tough for me, but I can think of many not-so-positive experiences which could have been avoided with just a simple "no".

32. Give more, take less
Giving can be a very empowering, positive experience. Giving something without expecting something in return enhances your spirit, taking does the opposite.

33. Keep a journal
Writing in a journal is a great creative way to get out whatever is on your mind. Writing down your dreams will also help you find the hidden messages.

34. Write a song
Another creative act that will boost self-esteem, inspiration, and give a sense of accomplishment.

35. Reduce clutter
Getting rid of excess clutter around the house, the car, or work place will relieve a lot of stress, frustration, and distraction.

36. Know Thyself and Be Thyself
Know your true values, morals, goals, and creative talents. Don't let anything outside of you tell you otherwise.

37. Contribute something positive everyday
Doing something positive to the universe has a great impact on you and everyone on Earth as a whole. It can be as simple as giving a hug, or taking out the trash for someone who's invited you over for dinner. A small amount of positivity offsets a large amount of negativity.

38. Always be grateful
Be mindful and appreciate everything you have. From having a healthy body, to having food on the table. No matter what you're going through, always remember someone out there has it A LOT worse.

39. Play with a child
Interacting and playing with a child is very empowering because children are all about having fun and being in the now. Children can be our best teachers.

40. Ask for a raise
If you think you're not receiving enough for your valuable time, ask for a raise. Even if the answer is no, the simple fact that you asked will boost your confidence. And you never know, maybe you'll get it.

41. Face your fears
Face whatever you're afraid of the most head on. If you're afraid of public speaking, find a way to go out and do it. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Facing a fear will send an enormous amount of positive energy flowing through you.

42. Plant a garden
There's something very satisfying about eating food that you know came from your own hands. Plus it's a valuable skill that could always come in handy one day.

43. Call someone whom you haven't talked to for awhile.
Calling a friend, or relative that you haven't heard from in a long time will make them feel good. It gives them a feeling people care about them, and who knows, something extremely positive could come from it.

44. Do something unexpected, and don't take credit for it.
Do something spontaneous which has a positive impact on someones day. Being the only one that knows who did it will empower the experience and your spirit.

45. Travel
Take some well deserved time off and go somewhere you've always wanted to go. We all need some time off from the daily grind every now and then.

46. Always be honest
This will make sure that nothing negative can come back at you. If you're always straight forward and honest, you have nothing to hide and no skeletons in your closet.

47. Remain steadfast
When you have a goal or desired outcome, don't stop until you attain it. If your goal is to quit drinking, remain steadfast even in the most challenging, tempting moments.

48. Stand up for what's right
If you're in a situation where you notice someone, or yourself is being treated unfairly, stand up and let it be known.

49. Be proactive
Instead of being someone who just talks about what needs to be done, or waiting for someone to do it for them. Do it yourself, and get it done.

50. Wake up earlier
Waking up earlier everyday, will allow you to get more things done and be more productive.

51. Know that everything is a process
Know that major improvements don't happen overnight, everything in life is a process which you learn step by step. Know that your growth comes in stages. Failures and mistakes are all apart of that process, so don't let them bring you down, let them lift you up even higher.

Author's Bio: 

Sean Burrows loves to learn and discover new ways to improve the quality of peoples lives. He studies personal development and health rigorously, and shares his life's lessons, creative ideas, and healthy recipes through his Personal Growth blog.