You know that visualization in very important in using The Law of Attraction (LOA), provided that you always involve emotion in your visualization. LOA only respons feeling. That is why we need to visualize our life-goals that so stimulate our success feeling when we have been succeed in achieving the life-goals.

Feeling cannot be separated with subconscious mind. The LOA respons our deepest feeling in our subconscious mind. When we yeal : “Yeah, I’m rich ! I’m handsome ! I’m a luckiest guy in this lovely world !”, pay attention to your feeling.

Do you really feel good about those? Or you feel uncomfortable and feel that you’re trying to trick your self? Check out your deepest heart. If you still feel uncomfortable when you say every positive affirmations for your life, that means that in your deepest subconscious mind, you are still feeling that you don’t deserve for those good things.

So the key is how you rule your subconscious mind by some methods or techniques that so you can feel comfortable, feel deserve, feel good when you are doing the affirmation. One of the method is formulated by Dr. Muruga, which I call as ‘Written Affirmation Method’ (WAM). Dr. Muruga is a world-class Trainer, and also a Consultant Trainer in The United Nations. The point is writing your life-goals, but in a specific or special way.

Here are the rules to do the WAM : First rule: It should be personal. This means you have to write for yourself. You just can reprogram your subconscious mind and alter your own actions, habits, and behavior of your own. Begin to change yourself and the other person will change or approach you.

Second rule : It must be positive. As we have seen, the subconscious has no logic. He can only see words as images or thoughts. When we use negative words, he will accept and realize the overriding feeling negative thoughts. Third rule : It should be in the moment. All statements that you write should be read as though you already have what you want.

Fourth rule : It must be visual. All statements that you write must be in a form that you can actually imagine. Because the subconscious mind works with images, you should express statements in a way that you can visualize in mind. For example, writing: 'I am treated with respect', it is better to be more specific packaged like this: 'I am a chauffeured Mercedes S500 ".

Fifth rule : He had to create a feeling. All statements that you write should lead an emotion and emotion must be positive, such as the feeling of having achieved what you want. So, write at the beginning of the sentence: "I'm so happy .....", "I feel very blessed ......", "I feel very powerful ......", and so on.

Now, how about the method? Take a notebook and pen or pencil. The best time to write affirmations is in the morning as soon as you wake up. Do not tidy up first. Then just write. This is the time when you're still groggy and still in a state of half-sleep. The subconscious mind is the most accessible and most vulnerable at this time, and the conscious mind are relatively idle.

The next best time is just before you sleep. However, if the second time is not right for you, the concept is still able to run at any time. Of note, whenever the time you choose, try to make it the same on the next day. That is the discipline at the time you set a regular basis. Why is that? Apparently consistency helped marginalize the conscious mind. Consistency also cultivate the habit, and that will confirm your success in writing affirmations, at last, achieve all the goals, dreams, or your ideals.

Try it !

May success be with you !

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