Imagine ripped a backhand down the line on a charging opponent. You probably picture Rafael Nadal or Andre Agassi hitting the screaming winner. If you want any chance of hitting a backhand like Rafa or Agassi then this backhand strengthening exercise should become part of your tennis fitness routine.

The key to the backhand is rotation, the more torque you create, the more racquet head speed you generate. Racquet head speed=POWER. Here is an awesome Fitness For Tennis, power generating exercise. The key is to replicate the biomechanics of the stroke against resistance

Tennis Fitness: Improving your two handed backhand

·Take your Tennis Fitness Resistance Band and loop it around a post- you can use the net post or a light post.

·The band should be between your hip and shoulder level – you can mix up the positioning to simulate hitting the ball at various heights.

·Grab the band in your left hand – you can put both hands on the band like your hitting the two hander, but your left hand should be doing most of the work

·Take a couple steps back to keep the band taught – the band should have tension on it the whole time.

·Now hit your stroke – This is hard to do if you have a loop in your stroke, so for this exercise you might take out the loop.

·Make sure that you’ve coiled your body, push off your left leg (if you’re right handed), rotate your hips and shoulders. you should feel resistance the whole time.

·If it’s too easy then take another step out or you can always purchase another tennis fitness resistance band

·You should be doing the exercise over a timed interval. Go hard for 30 seconds or choose a longer interval and then take a short break.

·Remember swing hard, but go back to the starting position of the exercise with control. As soon as you reach the starting position, swing again.

This fitness for tennis exercise will get your heart rate up and improve the racquet head speed you generate on your backhand. P.S. you can also do this same tennis fitness exercise on your forehand side.

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I help tennis players like you to get in shape and dramatically improve your tennis game in a mere matter of weeks