I’m working on taking care of myself. In little things; in big things.

I seek ways to gently inspire myself to keep moving forward. I do so in ways that allow for gently caring for me.

I’m searching out tiny ways of continually improving at taking care of my needs.

At the same time, I seek to keep moving forward in all the ways I want to grow.

Along the way, I’ve noticed that each little way I nurture myself helps me in many ways.

For example, nurturing myself tends to bloom into a deeper level of patience. Patience with myself. Patience with my situation. Patience in managing the challenges I’m facing right now.

Sometimes it’s as simple as focusing on smiling. At other people – and at myself in the mirror!

Often that means I’m climbing into bed to rest for a little while. At times, I’ve got to take a long nap and stay off my feet. Some days it’s simply eating lunch early after a long walk.

Daring to recognize and act on my own needs, however small, whether it’s convenient or not, helps me improve my patience in ever deepening ways.

I’ve found that the secret in how to improve patience a little bit today is simply to notice little things I can do to lift myself up – and to act on what I observe that I need.

I encourage you to care for yourself a little bit extra today.

Lie down to rest if that’s what you need. Or dare to take a nap and begin the day again if that’s what it’s going to take to care for you today.

Or drink extra water right now to hydrate your body a bit better.

Or whatever way you need to lift yourself up.

Quiet yourself for a moment. Ponder what might help you today.

As you do, you’ll support yourself and you’ll gain patience.

You’ll encourage yourself gently. You’ll nourish your own growth by allowing the time and action you need for nurturing yourself. You’ll be a good model for the people in your life!

You’ll also take tiny surges forward in becoming the you who you want to be.

For example, an acorn becomes a big oak tree.

But not overnight!

Your own growth is like that. You need to grow patience over a long period of time. Caring for yourself will give you the kind of practice that grows patience in consistent, persistent ways.

Care for yourself along the way. Every day, taking small steps of nurturing yourself.

An acorn needs proper soil, as well as appropriate amounts of water and sunlight in addition to time, right? That’s simply the kind of support over time that’s necessary for a big oak tree to grow.

You need support, too.

Support in ways that are fine-tuned to your own needs and according to the kind of things that are going on in your life.

Just as oak trees face mighty storms, so do you.

And when you look closely, you can figure out what you need during your storms – and during your sunny days!

Like an acorn’s need for care in the form of soil, water, sunlight and time, you have needs.

Your needs during the storms of life are more complicated than an oak tree’s needs!

I invite you to recognize that obvious statement.

Then, go one step beyond acknowledgement.

I encourage you to dare to figure out 3 needs that you’ve got that are based on the storms and challenges you’re facing here and now.

Pick one and act on it in some tiny way today!

Starting today in one teeny tiny way will give you practical experience that can change your life as you follow up.

As you learn to nourish yourself, let your heart lead you.

You’ll figure out what ingredients you need, when you let your heart lead you.

You see, it’s an art, rather than a science.

You need to pay attention to your own feelings. And to your own stormy challenges!

As you pay attention to your feelings, you’ll feel better about nurturing yourself.

It might be difficult at first.

But as you act, you’ll grow in patience. You’ll build your own confidence in what makes most sense for you here and now.

Practice will keep you moving forward!

Give yourself the time and space you need to grow and you’ll find yourself building your confidence day by day.

Let yourself learn new skills of caring for yourself in continuously improving ways, slowly over time.

Slow sticks.

Dare to go slow.

Dare to practice!

As you do, you’ll find ways to encourage yourself to make a difference in the world for other people, too. As you make a difference, you’ll grow even more.

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