We are what we are because of what we know and what we remember. Our personality, attitude, behaviour personal lives and social relationships depend on what we know and what we remember. Our abilities and capabilities, our achievements at school and work, and our recognition in the social circle as well as among the professional environment are defined by the way our memory performs. Hence, for people from all walks of life, there is one question that stands out, distinct, demanding attention and one whose answer is always being searched for is: “How to improve memory”. And the question assumes special significance, given the fact that it is not just a question of improving the memory but of retaining it and preserving it over the years. When you ask, ‘How to improve memory’, you also include the question of how you could retain it and protect your memory from deterioration, a process normally associated with ageing.

How to Improve Memory: There are more ways than one to improve your memory, some of which are quite simple, yet are very effective in the long run. These memory improvement methods are proven scientifically to have a significant impact on the functioning of the brain among people from various backgrounds. A healthy intake of memory foods, also called brain foods, is one of the ways in which you could tackle the memory problem. Foods that are high in omega-3 are known to have an impact on brain performance by reducing the chances of congestion in arteries and by promoting healthy circulation of blood. Even the tasty and yummy chocolates are known to be good for brain and for the memory.

However, the answer to the question, ‘how to improve memory’, doesn’t stop with food alone. There are other effective tools such as brain exercises and memory training that goes a long way in improving your memory for the long run. Games that involve intellectual abilities such as chess and cross training exercises are not only fun but are also responses on how to improve memory. Other creative games such as Origami are found to have proven results, helping in the memory improvement process, keeping you mentally fit and agile and able to counter the ill-effects of age-related memory problems and disorders.

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