How to Improve Confidence
People say confidence is something that someone is born with. This is complete and utter rubbish. Nobody is born with confidence. Confidence is derived from situations that surround individuals.
A new born baby is effectively a blank canvas with no impressions whatsoever on that canvas. Then with repeated exposure to external stimulus, an impression is formed piece by piece and begins to form the character traits, core values and beliefs that the child will take into adulthood.
Parenting plays a vital role in the ultimate character makeup of the child and as no parent does the job with an instruction manual in hand, more often than not mistakes are made. These mistakes may also appear trivial to the parent, but can represent an essential part of the foundation for the child’s future vision of the world that he or she lives in and what they can reasonably expect from life.
Positive strokes equals high expectations and a high level of self confidence and negative strokes?...Yes you guessed it....Negative strokes mean just the opposite.
This constant exposure to both positive and negative will repeat throughout the duration of our lifetime on the planet and depending on the level of exposure to one or the other, you will be either extremely confident and positive in nature or, you will feel insecure, fearful, negative and perhaps even sense a complete lack of control over the direction of your life.
You will notice that people who are going through some tough times either financially, or perhaps for health reasons etc, will in most cases have low confidence. Whereas people who are doing well financially and are fit and healthy will be beaming with confidence. Confidence does fluctuate of course but what I am talking about here is your predominant outlook on life, that’s what’s important.
I guess what I am trying to say is, confidence is manufactured. It is an effect, and It can be adjusted. It’s a stimulus response. In other words, if you’re constantly exposed to positivity then your levels of confidence and self esteem will be enhanced, whereas the opposite would be true if you’re constantly exposed to negativity. So to clarify further, your level of confidence is a direct response to the predominant stimulus that you’re exposed to. The good news is, now you’re in possession of this knowledge your exposure to either positive or negative situations in entirely down to your own choice....

So perhaps you could start to make better choices?

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