In all jobs there are going to be different challenges that people face each and every day. One of the most important is how communication is done in the work place. Of all the problems that tend to crop up through the day, most are caused or at least could be avoided by using better communication techniques in the workplace. With the rise of technology there is no way that all people can communicate effectively the same with everybody and there are a few things that all people can do in order to improve communication in the work place.

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How to Communicate

When there is information that you deem to be important it needs to be communicated clearly and directly. For some employees this can mean that an email is sufficient and for others a direct communication will be most appropriate. Or if the information is vital, it needs to be addressed in a group setting. Make sure that what you want to tell is clear and can’t be misconstrued by anyone. If the communication involves policy than make sure to follow it up with a clear instructional memo or hand out that clearly states the desired actions on it.

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One of the most important skills a leader in the work place can possess is the ability to actively listen. This means that sometimes you just have to be quiet in order to hear what others have to say. Often employees who are engaged in the working environment have lots of valuable insights that can help a business run more smoothly. This doesn’t mean a forum for complaining, it means that there should be active listening practiced. By guiding the direction of the conversation most of the small minded talk can be avoided so that the valuable topics can be addressed.

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Respect and Personal

Another great key to remember is that all people crave and need to feel respected. This can happen when their thoughts are given real consideration or at least there is an open forum for these thoughts and ideas to be conveyed. One of the best methods, especially when giving difficult news is to communicate personally. This allows for much more thorough communication as a person can use voice inflections, body language and eye contact to get more direct messages across. This also shows a caring for people because you have shown the basic respect by talking to them directly.

When you are communicating in the work place, it will be most effective if it is clear, consistent and personal. When possible it should be communicated in person so that physical cues like eye contact, and body language can communicate your thoughts.

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