An enriched nutrition diet is crucially important to a dog cell growth and maintenance and overall health. Apart from any special needs, instructions from a vet, or illness-related deficiencies, a pet should be able to get all the nutrients that it needs from high-quality commercial pet foods, which are specially preparing with these customs in mind. Nowadays, there are various pet food stores opening.

But dogs of different ages have different nutritional requirements just like humans. So, how much or how little should a person be feeding its dog, and how can its diet improve?

Ways to improve a dog's health

Feeding a puppy-

1. To provide the nutrition necessary for dogs-
Nutrients are obtained from food and used by an animal for energy and as part of the metabolic machinery requisite for maintenance and growth.

There are six types of nutrition which is necessary for dogs-
a) Water
b) Protein
c) Fats
d) Carbohydrates
e) Vitamins
f) Minerals

To provide all these in the diet, one can look for on maps, pet food shop near me.

2. The process of weaning and feeding a puppy-
The puppies alike, children need proper care in the first few months of their lives. So, it’s the responsibility of the owner to prepare them to move from a milk diet to regular puppy food. This process is known as weaning, and it should usually begin between three and four weeks of age and is complete by the time the puppy is seven to eight weeks. These days pet food for dogs is available almost at every second store or big malls.

Feeding an adult dog-

An adult dog requires sufficient nutrients to meet its energy needs and to maintain and repair its body tissues. There is a fixed amount an adult dog should intake according to its size and energy output.

1. Amount of feeding a dog- It is necessary to learn the dog's ideal maintenance to adjust their potions. Pet owners should consult with the veterinarian of their dog to determine the best feeding schedule and types of foods for the pets. Also, the pet stores now give the option of ordering pet food online and deliver it.
2. To set a feeding schedule- Dogs should get food twice daily. There are many ways to meet the needs of both the animal and the owner. These methods are portion-control feeding, free-choice feeding, and timed feeding.

The Portion-control feeding method is to control the amount of food that the pet consumes by measuring the food of the pet and providing it in one or meals regularly.
The Free-choice feeding method means food to be available to the pet at all times, as much as the pet wants, without any time barring. This method is best to make dry food so that leftovers are not spoiled.

It is a known fact that a dog is the most faithful animal and a friend to the human. Hence there's some responsibility of humans towards their pets too. These are the following methods and feeding styles, adopting which any pet owner can improve the health of their dog.

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