For those exploring entrepreneurship, it is wise to learn the stories of successful entrepreneurs prior to taking the dive into starting your business. A successful female entrepreneur is Alycia Huston and she explains how she ignited the spark to start her profitable business. She became tired of the uncertainty that comes with working for someone else. There is a mindset that working for another company means stability. Huston began learn this was the opposite when she found herself in circumstances where she willingly provided input on how business situations could be best handled and her suggestions never got implemented because the minds of corporate leadership were already made up on how to address the matter. That’s when she became disenchanted her voice was not being heard.

For those looking to become entrepreneurs, Huston has these three pieces of advice:

Major or minor in business — you will learn valuable information on business management and marketing.
Secure internships, no matter if those internships are paid or unpaid. This is highly recommended for college students as shadowing a successful entrepreneur for at least four weeks can help you gain insight and experiences learned only when i the trenches.
Do not be afraid to make mistakes because mistakes are part of the learning process and you’ll gain some of the best learning experiences to transform great ideas into solutions for clients which will aid you to grow your business.
This is why Huston would not do anything differently if she had the chance to start her career over again. She says this because everything she has gone through in both personal and career experiences have positioned her with the skills, abilities and talents to mitigate any of the challenges she may encounter now in achieving business success. Huston goes further and states the top three skills successful entrepreneurs need are tenacity, communication and collaboration. As for failures she has learned from, here is her account:

Her inner voice has told her involvement in certain projects and situations were not in her best interest. Listening to the rationale of others and following their lead, the outcome often does not align in her best interest.
Wanting recognition for her ideas and accomplishments, negatively affected her because she wanted approval. From there she was not able to apply herself to tasks at hand and harbor resentment for those with the power to implement those ideas. By failing she realized her ego was getting in the way of her success and she did not want to continue on that path.
Not always being right was one of the hardest lessons Huston learned. Prior to this awareness, Huston believed she should not back down if she felt she was in the right. As she takes pride in her growth and elevation, she enjoys working with coaches and mentors to allow her best self to be at the forefront of business situations.
On average, Huston works 40 hours a week ( more or less) and speaks honestly on the first few years of her entrepreneurship being difficult. Her dedication and hustle are the reasons she pulled through those difficult years to reap the rewards of entrepreneurship. At the start of her business development, Huston was a single parent of two and leaned on her family, friends and fiancé to stand those difficult times. She is thankful her children gave her grace during those growing pains. Now seeing people flourish and believing in their full potential motivates Huston. She even goes to say it literally feels like her heart expands when seeing others internalizing and stepping into the greatness God has for them. Huston is happy to use her gifts and talents to create a ripple effect of success for those in the community.

She also says it is important to never compromise your integrity in order to succeed as there is nothing out there worth knocking one’s self out of alignment with the divine plan for his/her life. As an entrepreneur, her greatest fear has been failing her clients. Over the years she has realized if a client and her are not a great fit for each other, this is not a failure. It serves both client and entrepreneur better if they part ways early on for a better fit. Success to Huston is about living fully in the present moment with family and friends without worrying about the past or future. Sometimes you just have to be.

To achieve long-term goals of success, one should get clear on his or her business vision. This doesn’t mean the vision won’t change as you grow but having a vision from the start will help one pin-point what he or she wants to create and reverse engineer the plan from there. An entrepreneur can build a successful customer base by being authentic and consistent — this is how people see your message and branding are consistent no matter if you are conversing with them in person or via social media. You are your brand wherever you go. There is no one-size-fits all formula for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Each person on the Earth has unique gifts and abilities to become wildly successful.

If Huston could talk to one person from history, she said it would be Florence Shovel Shinn because she would love to sit down over tea and chat about Florence’s spiritual enlightenment. Unlike today’s society, there was no internet and teachings readily available to seek out. Florence is a fascinating woman and Huston feels she would gain in depth knowledge from the perspectives and experiences of Florence.

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