How do I stop my negative thoughts?
People often seek a cure for their negative thoughts once they recognize that positive thoughts are a starting point for feeling good more of the time. I know I did.
When you first become aware of negative thoughts, you may feel irritated when they arise. Attaching to them, feeling guilty that they are there, identifying with them, and believing that your thoughts make up all of who you are. When in truth who you are is unconditional love, which extends to your thoughts as well.
I approach my thoughts in the following way;
Firstly, I acknowledge that they appear whether I want them to or not. I accept them and thank them for giving me one perspective of how to look at a situation. I try not to judge myself or make any part of me wrong. When I find that my thoughts become over whelming I write them down as part of my emotional and creative self care. If it is beyond my capability in that moment to see things differently I do two things. I ask myself for an alternative choice and I repeat to myself that I am willing to see things differently. Then I wait for the answer. Most importantly I do not act when I am in a less than resourceful state.
Secondly, I understand where my thoughts have come from-the ego. I label them, for example, judgement, anger, frustration and then I let them go. Thoughts will just be words if you do not believe them or act on them.
Thirdly, if I feel as if the thought is something I have been thinking for a while I will create a positive affirmation that will be triggered every time I have the unwanted thought. For example, 'I do not have enough money' is a stressful thought for me. The positive affirmation would be 'I have all the money I need at this moment', 'I focus on all that I have to be grateful for in my life', and 'what is the next smallest step I could take to earn money'.
Fourthly, I plant habits that support a positive lifestyle. For example, I write positive affirmations, I keep a gratitude journal of all I have to be grateful for, I attend self awareness courses and seminars, and I read inspirational books. I soon discovered that I was thinking happier thoughts more of the time.
Lastly, I find enjoyable and easy ways to quiet my mind which gives me greater clarity around situations in my life and more patience for the people I love. For example, I meditate in the morning, listen to music, go for a run, watch a film, take pictures or draw.
How do you find relief from your thoughts? What makes you feel good? Once you find out, it's simple, just do it more often.
With Love,

Author's Bio: 

My name is Lucy Pemberton-Platt, I am a Personal Wellness and Weight Loss Coach and a Licensed Trainer of ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway®’. I run group workshops, I offer individual coaching, and I run fitness nutrition and weight loss challenges.
I started exploring self-development 5 years ago and have completed various qualifications since then to assist myself and others along the journey.
I am a NLP Practioner
A HNLP Coach
Certificate in Counselling
Voluntary Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
Graduated from Byron Katie’s School for the work and working towards becoming a certified facilitator.
Licensed Trainer of ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway®’