Summers present a great opportunity for people to come together in friendship and love and have a beautiful garden tea party. Hosting a garden tea party may seem daunting at first but once you understand the basics and have a little knowledge of event planning, you will find it much easier. This article aims to provide the direction and necessary steps you need to take in coordinating all the elements; the requirements in planning and also managing all these elements on-site at the actual event.

What is a garden tea party?

A garden tea party is a formal and customary meeting of people for a light meal that is usually called afternoon tea.  This does not restrict it to only afternoons. A cool evening party will also come through neatly. Whether it is spending quality time with your family and loved ones, a get-together or reunion with friends or any other reason.  A tea party provides a perfect solution to your desires and leaves you with lasting memories. The variety of foods that come along with the tea include: cake slices, cookies, biscuits, egg salad, etc.

Factors to Consider When Hosting a Garden Tea Party

It is important to pay attention to details as this can just be the difference between a garden tea party hosted pro and one hosted by an average person. Some of the most important factors we will be discussing are listed below:


We all love to be called by our names and be distinguished from the crowd. Personalizing the invitations will stimulate your guests and make them excited for the upcoming event. You may want to consider using floral printed postcards to make it go along with the theme or you could even watercolour your own blossoms onto thick blank paper and then use a calligraphy pen to write out the details.


Your tea party should be held in an attractive and well-tendered garden with fresh flowers, ornaments, shrubs, and vegetables. This will create a beautiful scenery which will add more spice to the party. Whether it is your garden or not, It should also provide a good shade so that your guests can avoid the scorching heat and enjoy the cool breeze that the shade provides.

Make your guests feel more special by making use of a table setting. The napkins can be tied with hemp twine and a single sunflower. You could also slide some seed packets under the forks for fun party favours. Imagine how your guests will feel if you paint their initials onto terracotta pots. If you are expecting kids, why not set something like a craft station for them to work with?

Decoration and type of flowers used

You might think it does not really matter the kind of flower hand bouquet you use as far as it is beautiful. You may want to seek professional advice from the expert flower delivery before planning on your flower usage. Even among enchanting flowers, some still stand out. Some blooms in particular will take your breath away. Soft lavender, bright Gerbera daisies, hydrangeas or lush pink peonies in a porcelain pot are all great options. You can also make a statement by using a vintage bird cage. When it is filled with sunflowers, lilacs or other blossoms, it has a majestic look. This sets the scene of a fairytale bash.

Don’t forget the colours matter too. You cannot go wrong with a bunch of cheerful white and yellow daisies accented with fresh greenery inside a gingham ribbon adorned vase.


Refreshing iced herbal teas, delicate elderflower, cool mint, fragrant pineapple sage, or sweet tea are all great choices. A variety of teas and other drinks will cap off the tasty treats that the foods bring. A pitcher of hibiscus berry lemonade is a distinctive idea and incredibly refreshing all year round.

Types of foods to serve

There are three traditional ways to provide food at a tea party. The time of the day determines what you serve. If you are serving tea in the mid-afternoon, you may serve a “low tea” with a few sweet and savoury snacks. Teas served between 5-7pm (evening meal times) are called “high teas” and usually provide more substantial food, such as meat pies, quiche, or any other filling savoury dishes.

Make traditional tea sandwiches, bowls of fresh fruit, charcuterie, and other finger foods for the gusts to eat at their own will. Place emphasis on floral sweets like orange flower scones or lavender cupcakes with lemon frosting. And sprinkled with fresh dill. You could also start with a salad of sliced snow peas and new purple beans tossed in a lemony dressing.

Remember hosting a garden party does not need to be very expensive. There are some additional nuggets for you:

  • Decide on your budget and guest list which should not include too many people.
  • You can also decide on a dress code. Encourage your guests to dress up in semi-formal or mock-Victorian clothing to add to the atmosphere. But usually, they can come in come in any attire.
  • Special considerations should be made for smoking, pets and kids. Clearly communicate your decisions on the invitation.
  • Arrangement of the foods matters. You can arrange it buffet-style and have the guests stand or sit.
  • Turn on your favourite dance tunes.
  • Do not forget to give your guests a little take-home or souvenir.

Lastly, do not spend all your time intertwined in the intricacies of the garden tea party. Worry less and take out time to enjoy the very essence of the party.

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