The Conference Call has become one of the most common activities in the corporate sector of Australia as it allows companies to liaise with their remotely located counterparts without travelling long distances. It allows professionals to work with vendors, clients, employees and other associates without stepping out of their offices. Hosting a conference call is a simple process, but all moderators should follow decorum while hosting a call in conference in order to ensure that the event is carried out smoothly and professionally. They need to be well versed with the protocols to be followed while hosting a one-to-one, one-to-many and multipoint conference in order to maintain or enhance business productivity.

There are many teleconference call providers in Australia that offer training to the hosts prior to the event so that the actual meeting is conducted smoothly. This simulation consists of all steps of the session, from sending invitations to concluding the event. Even if the moderators are experienced in hosting audio and web conferences, it is essential that they gather the requisite information beforehand. This is important because they can ensure that all the data is readily available when the event is being conducted, thereby avoiding unnecessary delays. Therefore, it is advisable to collect the spreadsheets, documents, presentations and applications prior to the call in conference.

The hosts are required to provide the time and date of the call in conference to participants in advance via email and get their confirmation. The email should contain the URL of the login page, so that the participants can easily access the page and sign in to attend the event. The hosts should send reminders to the group members one day before the event commences. They should also mark the details of the event in their calendaring applications, so that they are able to set up the meeting in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, it is important they verify that all connections are working appropriately and content can be sent to the group seamlessly.

Teleconferencing providers train the moderators about using all features of the solution, so that they are well versed with their usage while soliciting the conference call. Companies that offer conference calling solutions in Australia usually provide browser-based solutions to their clients, so that they can access the meeting from any place. This is especially useful for participants who are constantly commuting for official purposes, such as product marketing, since such professionals usually rely on Smartphones and tablet computers for communicating. Therefore, it is imperative that moderators avail the conference call services of service providers who offer browser-based solutions or have dedicated apps for handheld devices.

Collaboration is an important feature of conference calling and hosts can streamline their multipoint conferences by opting for unified communication platforms. Such solutions integrate a large number of communication tools, like email, chat, text messages etc. Therefore, moderators can send private as well as public messages to certain group members while hosting the event. Likewise, solutions that offer white-boarding and annotation features are preferred by hosts, since these allow the attendees to brainstorm collectively in spite of the geographical distance between them.

Moderators are required to maintain professional decorum while conducting the meeting and host polls and surveys, if required, to ensure that the event is all-inclusive in nature. After the meeting, they can wait for all attendees to logout and then ask the teleconference call providers for the recording of the event for future references, thus concluding the event successfully.

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