Vacuum lifters are designed and manufactured in a modular way. Besides this, the standard elements are selected in order to match with your use of the vacuum lifter. Provided the vast inventory and options to select from it is a bit confusing for a person to select the right vacuum lifter for glass. While opting for the right glass vacuum lifter, it is of paramount importance for you to keep in mind certain factors in order to get the job done in a compelling manner. Here are certain factors that you should consider while hiring the proper glass vacuum lifter. 

Opt for the correct Cross-arm length, Beam length, as well as Lifting Pad Configuration

  • Recognise the size of the material that needs to be lifted

In order to choose the right glass vacuum lifter for hire, you need to identify and decide upon the maximum and minimum dimensions along with the maximum weight of the material. Along with this, the minimum and maximum thickness of the glass is also critical. 

  • Decide the amount of allowable load overhang 

Spacing amid the pads (2L) and overhang (L) are based on the minimal thickness of the glass. The thinnest glass to be lifted will have the greatest reflection glass and must be taken into consideration when deciding the amount of allowable overhang. 

  • Decide the number of pads based on their length

With reference to the proper table, you must decide upon the minimum number of pads needed for the optimum load length, that is rounding up to the next maximum number. Decide upon the minimum number of lifting pads needed for the maximum load length through dividing the maximum load length by 2L and then rounding up to the next greatest number. 

  • Decide the number of pads row

Decide the minimal number of lifting pads that are needed for the optimum load width through dividing the maximum load width by 2L number from the material and then rounding up to the next greatest number. 

  • Decide the length of the beam

The length of the beam must be calculated by subtracting 2L from the maximum length of the load and then adding up 6 inches to it. 

  • Decide the needed length of the cross-arms

Just subtract 2L from the optimum load width and then add 6 inches to it. In case, it is not the standard length, opt for the next maximum length of the cross-arms. 

  • Choosing the vacuum lifting pad style and size

You must consider the following points when selecting the proper vacuum pads or glass lifting equipment for rental:

  • The maximum weight that needs to be lifted 
  • The number of pads
  • The porosity of the load and the lifting surface 
  • Follow these guidelines for selecting the vacuum pads
  • Utilise the minimum number of pads required 
  • Make use of the pads with the largest diameter possible
  • The width of the load must never exceed five times the lifting pad diameter or width
  • The capacities of the pad should be rerated by 50 per cent while being used for vertical lifting or tilting applications

Final Words!

Hence, to get the right glass vacuum lifting equipment for hire, you need to follow these effective methods. Also, when hiring a glass vacuum lifter, make sure to opt for a certified and well-known company, so that you can get quality products. 

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