If you are looking to make good quality animated videos, hiring an animator can go a long way for you. A professionally qualified person can give your videos that extra edge over the amateur ones that fail to capture the attention of the audience and also dwindle quickly from memory.

Hiring an animator will require a budget on your end. Other than that, you will have to look into his/her portfolio, checkout past ratings and, also make sure that the person you are considering can do your job. Here is a guide that will take you through essential points that you need to consider when hiring an animator.

1. Draw out your budget

An animator, a good one, can cause a big dent in your budget. So, before you jump to hire the best of the best, sit down and calculate your expenses and come up with a clear budget. Overstepping your budget may spell disaster for your other costs, so take your time to draw out a budget and hire an animator within that.

2. Get a clear picture of what you want

There are different types of animators that you can borrow based on the kind of animation you are looking for. There is 2D animation, 3D animation, and then there is stop-motion. When hiring an animator, come up with the style of animation you are looking for. This will depend on your product, market demand, and also your budget. Once you know what you want, it will be easier to find an animator who specializes in that style.

3. Test the candidate

Before you hire an animator, you have to make sure that he/she is capable of executing your task. To asses that, test for technical ability. The animator should be able to provide you with a sample that exemplifies seamless frame transition, well-composed scenes, and should also showcase the right choice in the color palette.

Also, ask for the experience of the animator along with the portfolio. Check the collection for projects similar to yours to ensure that the animator has the right kind of experience. If possible, ask for references and reviews from past employers and clients.

4. Meet the animator

Do you like the work samples and portfolio? Great! The next step is to meet the animator face to face. This need not be a full-blown interview. You can reach an animator in a café for lunch, or you can also have a quick chat on skype. A face-to-face conversation gives confidence to both parties and will help you provide a face to a name. Knowing a person face-to-face will also ease out the initial awkwardness and will smoothen out your work relationship in the future.

5. Seal it with a contract

Hiring a freelancer is a very informal process, but that doesn’t mean you can pass the critical step of making a contract. Clearly outlines the deadlines, payment terms, and conditions and deliverables. Again, this is important for both parties. A deal will protect you from any unruly behavior on the part of the animator, and it will also assure the animator for payments and other relevant terms related to the assignment.

Having everything in a written format will also ensure the animator of your seriousness about the project, and he/she will work hard to give you the best animation. Also, make sure to create a contract using the proper method. Do not treat a few points mentioned in an email as a contract. Invest in a lawyer or notary who can do this for you.

A good animator can blow life into even the simplest of concepts. Do not compromise on the capabilities or experience of an animator because of your budget. Follow the above mentioned to find an animator who is worth the money and can give wings to your marketing efforts. Ayewind has many professional animators showcasing their work on the platform.

Find the one you are looking for by searching for your topic, and the platform will list all the animators that deal with your preferred subject or type of animation.

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