How to Hire Junior Software Developer on Contract Basis

In the world today, internet use has increased drastically, resulting in rapid economic growth. Due to the increased internet use, software development corporations are faced with an unending pool of internet projects. Which forces them to undertake the task of hiring software developers. Hiring expert software developers is costly for most companies especially the startups. Therefore, majority of software developing companies opt to hire junior software developers who are experienced and dedicated to their work.

Hiring a software developer is the most crucial part of a software corporation as they determine the quality of the developed software. Therefore, the recruiting manager should always pick among the best junior software developers. Every company looking to hire a software developer should adopt the following process.

1. Hire a developer who is smarter than yourself

As they say, talent attracts talent. The recruiting team should hire a software developer who is more skilled than they are. This ensures the growth of the company and quality software developed.

2. Test the junior software developer with a real-life technology problem that your company has experienced

It shows them the type of projects they are going to be tackling. As the hiring company, you are able you to get an insight into the candidate expertise and gauge whether they are the best fit for your projects.

3. Programming languages and tools flexibility

In today’s world, programming languages are very dynamic. Thus it would be inappropriate to ask the junior software developer questions such as “how would you merge two codes in Java.” Instead, your attention should be on the algorithm. Pay attention to the candidate's problem-solving skills. As it is easier for a software developer, who is excellent at solving problem to learn a new coding language.

4. Have a panel of interviewers

In all honesty, we all tend to be biased in some situations. Therefore, having a second opinion during an interview is paramount to choosing the best candidate.

5. Communication skills

Most often, communication skills are not factored in when hiring an engineer as most assume that all they need is to code. To some extent, it might be right. However, how is a software developer supposed to pitch a project to his superiors or investors? Communication skills are also fundamental for socialising and networking with other developers.

6. Before you hire a software developer on contract, set out your expectations. For instance, when you need a project to be completed, and the number of hours.

7. Focus more on their project performance and less on the resume.

8. Lastly, make sure they enjoy coding and that they can produce well-written code.

Software developing companies are in constant need of contractual software developers due to the increased demand for software products. Software companies can outsource dedicated junior software developers on contract from the following places;

1. There are many software development teams on the Internet; you can browse and hire a junior software developer from these teams.

2. You can also employ a software developer through freelancing sites such as Upwork, and fiver.

3. Word of mouth can help in hiring a software developer by asking friend, family and colleagues of a reputable software developer they can recommend.

4. You can also use social media apps such as Facebook and LinkedIn to contact junior software developers who meet your qualification criteria. Also, post the project on these sites and request for help from experienced contractors.

5. You can also hire a junior software developer on contract from MSPs (Managed Service Providers) who are reputable.

6. It is also possible to meet software developers in conferences, Software developer’s workshop and meetups. That is why it important for companies and individuals to attend these events.

7. Coding Bootcamps.

These bootcamps can transform a beginner developer into a junior software developer. The bootcamps usually last between 10-20weeks. Well known bootcamps include General Assembly, Hackbright Academy, Code union and Launch Academy. Companies needing junior developers should at hiring from these graduates from the bootcamps. Students from these camps are usually very skilled, dedicated and eager to learn more. More so, they are inexpensive to hire.

Contract employee provides many benefits to the contracting organisations. Therefore, the hiring manager should factor in all both pros and cons before engaging any software developer on contract.

Advantages of hiring junior software developer on a contract basis;

1. Flexibility in their availability and expertise

During peak seasons you can hire more software developers and reduce the numbers as the low season hits. This ensures that there are no inconveniences, and the contractors do not bring up legal charges to the software companies. Contracting provides companies with opportunities of trying out new junior software developers who might eventually be employed full time by the company.

2. Companies can replace a departing employee with a contract employee

Cases where employee either voluntarily quits or is terminated are bound to happen in a company, and a vacancy is created. A company may not have enough time to undergo the hiring process of a permanent employee, and a contractor is the best option for filling the position.

3. Affordability

Almost all software developer who works on contract are paid per hour, and I must say they are quite expensive. However, the hiring company get to save up on benefits, medical, and contributions to social security fund.

4. Software developers working on a contractual basis are usually certified and experienced. Hiring a junior software developer on contract allows you to immediately start working on your project. Contract developer reduces time wasted through training.

5. Software developer for hire helps you avoid costs such as overtime pay. Contract worker does not request for vacation and does not waste time since they are paid by the hour.

Disadvantages of hiring software developer on contract

1. disloyal

The appointed contractor may turn out to be unfaithful and expose company secrets to competitors.

2. High turnover rate

A contractor may leave you in the middle of a project upon being offer better offer from a competitor


Software developing companies should adhere to the hiring process when hiring junior software developers on contract since they determine the success of their end products. Developer should be outsourced from reputable places such as software developing school, boot camps and MSPs. Benefits of hiring a junior software developer on contract outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore software companies should aim at hiring contract developers during peak seasons.

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