Getting that first car or truck is a rite of passage of sorts for teenagers. It brings independence and freedom. The mere act itself indicates that adulthood is right around the corner, so the joy and excitement that it brings is almost priceless. At the same time, there are quite a few factors to consider when a teenager chooses that first vehicle. Here are four ways to help them make a wise decision.

Make the Process a Teaching Point

Look at this as an opportunity to educate your teenager about the value of big ticket items and the importance of taking care of them. Make sure that they are ready to be a responsible driver and that they are well versed in keeping away from many of the distractions that teen drivers face today. You will to help teach them to choose a vehicle that if functional, safe, and built to last. This means that they will not necessarily get the exact car that they want at this point, but they should be satisfied in the end.

Divide the Expenses

Having a vehicle can be expensive. Not only do you have the car to consider, but you have maintenance costs, insurance fees, gasoline, and more. Some companies, like Rebel Ford, realize that teenagers need to know this and they should be expected to shoulder some of the financial burden. This will help prepare them for the costs associated with being an adult, so you will doing a great service to them. Depending on your situation, you might just have your teen pay one portion of the car expense. This will at least open their eyes towards what it is going to take moving forward.

Consider a Ford

For decades, the Ford brand has been producing quality and dependable cars for generations of Americans. As your teen begins the process of choosing their first car, steer them towards this popular brand. They will be sure to find something that appeals to them, and you will rest easier at night as their parent for them having made that decision. Most teenagers probably won’t realize this, so perhaps you can let them know after you wake up. Once they understand that they’re buying a quality vehicle, they in turn will sleep easier at night as well.

Consider a Quality Used Car

There are some great used cars out there, with many them looking and running just like new. Do not only consider a new car, but have your teen consider a quality used car for their first vehicle. As long as it is dependable and your teen exercises safe driving habits, it should provide years of good use.

These four strategies will help get your teen moving in the right direction as they consider their first car. Enjoy the process of shopping together. After all, your kids are only teenagers once, and you will never get the chance to repeat this experience. Be sure to make it a memorable occasion.

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