The principles in this article can be used for the cheating spouse as well as for the loved one of an unfaithful spouse. People cheat because they lack the spiritual Christ in their life. Unfaithfulness has to do with still living for self instead of for our Creator. Put these principles to work in your personal and married life. God gives us life and shows us how to lead a pleasing life for Him.

Respect Your Spouse

Did you know that couples disrespect one another on a daily basis and don’t even know it? Being disrespected in our marriage gives those who are weak in their faith justification for being unfaithful whether physically or emotionally. People want to feel good about who they are and if they are not getting that recognition from the one they married they will ultimately look for it elsewhere. The truth is we ought to be getting our emotional needs met through the power of Christ living in us, the Holy Spirit.

Respect Yourself

When we wear revealing clothing, or when we flirt with, look at, or think lustful thoughts about the opposite sex we are disrespecting the person God created us to be. God created us in His image; therefore we should glorify God with our body, mind and spiritual self. God lives in us but when we do these things we are dishonoring Christ. We may mean no harm when we show off our body or flirt with the opposite sex but it says that “we are available” to others.

Be a Good Example

Do you suspect your spouse of cheating? Did you know that you are probably just as suspicious to them? The truth is those people who are suspicious of their spouse actually do not trust themselves. If we cannot trust ourselves around the opposite sex, how on earth are we supposed to trust our spouse? Make sense?

What can you change in the way you behave and carry yourself to let your spouse see a positive change in you? It does not matter if you are the one cheating or not, what matters is that you are pleasing God with your lifestyle. Make it your purpose in life to please God with the way you live and be a good example to others, especially to the man or woman you married.

Be Accountable to God

Why do some people think they have no accountability, and that they can do whatever they please? All people, even unbelievers will be accountable to God one day, so why not be accountable now? Be accountable to God with your behavior first and then you will undoubtedly be accountable to yourself and to your spouse. If we live our life to please God than we fulfill the law of accountability with the man or woman we married. Do you see how that works?

Ask God For Help

Pride keeps us from seeking God because we honestly think we don’t need Him. But the truth is, we all NEED God because He makes us who we can become. Jesus gives us life! Without Christ we are nothing. If you ask Christ to help you with temptation He will help you but you have to let down your pride and ask. Jesus is God and from Him we receive our life!

“I am the vine, and ye are the branches. He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit. For without me can ye do nothing.” John 15:5

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