Want to know how to help saving lives of those struggling with the chronic suicidal thoughts? It takes a lot of courage to help a person who has suicide tendencies. If the person is also consuming drugs or alcohol or is verbally or physically abusive, helping them might seem even more impossible.

If someone comes to you and tells they're struggling with suicidal ideation or that they want to end their life, what will you do? Hearing this might make you feel overwhelmed and worried, especially if he is your friend and is very upset or angry about something in their life.

There are things you can do to support and help your friend or someone who is threatening to end his or her life. Let's take a look.

What Can You Do If Someone Is Threatening To Take His Or Her Life?

Take the Person Seriously: The only good thing you can do at that moment is stay calm and let the person know you are really willing to listen, what has happened to him/ her. And don't just nod your head. Listen, really listen.

Express Involvement: Ask direct questions and listen. Try to find out if the person has some specific plan for suicide. If yes, then what it is?

Get Suicidal Thought Help: Do not put yourself in danger by dealing with the crisis alone. Get help from a suicide hotline or contact the person's family, psychiatrist, therapist or others who are trained to help.

Ask Them To Postpone The Decision: While your friend may feel like they have to act now, they can try to postpone that decision. Advise them they may feel different tomorrow or even next week.

Don't Leave The Person Alone: Until and unless you are sure, that the person is mentally fit, keep him under the care of professionals.

How to Intervene Positively In the Life of Depressed or Suicidal Friend?

Tell The Person Coping Statements Like:

This will pass. This is your depression talking, not you. You will get through this. It is just your thoughts telling you to kill yourself; but it doesn't mean you really should. You don't really want to die; you just want the pain to end. There are other ways to end your pain, even if you can't see them right now. Your suicidal thoughts are not rational. Suicidal thoughts are a symptom, not a solution.

Repeatedly seeing, saying, or thinking these coping statements will provide a good counterpoint to suicide's grim.

Stress The Person That Your Life Is Important To You And To Others:

Remind the person in specific terms why his or her life is important to you and your family. And also, how can you make your life better.

These are the ways to tackle the crisis and pull out the suicidal mind out of depression. Reports say, young people may be at higher risk of suicidal thoughts because of family and school pressures, major life changes and hormonal changes. Giving them proper assistance and helping them to come out of suicidal thoughts have really become crucial. So, it's necessary to arm today's youth and empower them to rise above such thoughts.

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