Some feel that hiring a ghost writing service for new authors is by some means wrong unless the ghostwriter is given glory for their work. It is compared to cheating on an English language exam or, in some backgrounds, lying. My question is this. If nobody’s marking the test, why should it material who wrote it?

Ghostwriting: An Honorable Profession

Ghostwriting is a living that goes back to times. There’s even conversation on whether Shakespeare’s everything was ghostwritten by Sir Francis Bacon. Talking writers have been serving our presidents since the appointment of George Washington. The writers behind the passages rarely get praise. Yet, the persons who have given them work haven’t been defendants of being copyists.

And they shouldn’t be. As long as two persons are willing to enter into contractual planning where one does the work. Another gets the credit, then ghostwriting provides someone with the talent to take another person’s voice and determine their ideas into words that get the note across as a way to make an honest living.

Ghostwriting: Time to Erase Weak Writing Skills

Let’s face it. We still are breathing in a world where people who can write well are measured smarter than those who can’t. It’s an unfair depiction.

Not every business CEO got to where they are since of writing skills. Often that position was made through people skills, business sense and economic skills. When someone like this goes to a ghostwriter, they should not be labeled wrong.

Let me tell you that I have a daughter. She communicates excellently and verbally. She knows how to handle computer tasks as well. Her speaking skills are brilliant. Yet, writing remains hard for her. Is it wrong for her to tell me what she requests me to write on her behalf and let me shape her advertising message? Remember, I’m not helping her write an English thesis. I’m assisting her with written communications, so poorly written communications aren’t screened.

Ghostwriting: Time to See

Let’s face it. We all know that businesses hire marketing agencies to help them develop advertising strategies. And once these strategies are developed, no one assumes the CEO or board of directors to write the advertising copy. They are complex in the decision-making procedure and approve the final product. Yet, someone else ensures the work. No one accuses the concern of being wrong for hiring an ad agency.

What is so changed about hiring a ghostwriter? Someone with skills as a writer supports somebody who doesn’t (or just doesn’t have time). Shouldn’t hire writers who know how to change a collection of ideas into solid messages be right?

Is it incorrect to pay for the kind of service that helps you be successful? If someone hires a professional coach, they aren’t respondents of being wrong, are they? The real question of beliefs lies in whether the message being conveyed by the ghostwriter is reliable. Does it correctly reflect the message the non-writer wants to spread through the ghostwriter? Then the basic requirement of outstanding morals has not been violated. You should hire someone who can help you by providing Ghost writing service for new authors.

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Oscar Shepherd is a research writer by his profession. He also uses to write his opinions on different topics including life coaching, politics, economics, education etc. Oscar believes in guiding the youth through his content. Youth is the future of a nation.