A car mishap is the last thing that a driver can long for. It is emotionally as well as physically draining, even if it is not a fatal one. The most critical part of these uncalled for events is that the dynamics of these incidents make those involved too numb and perplexed to think anything clearly and strategically following the mishap. 

Besides taking care of the bruises and cuts, if any (provided it is not too bad a crash or a fatal one, which has left someone in the hospital or the grave) and overcoming the resulting legal norms, one big thing is taking care of the mangled remains of the car. 

Here are the steps that you need to take slowly, but authoritatively if you are, unfortunately that poor soul. 

Determining whether you need to call a towing company

If your car is drivable after the crash, the story will be a bit different one. What, if it is not, and it is cannot be driven? What if the damage is extensive and it has impacted the mechanism of the car including its wheels? 

Well, you need to summon one of those car wreckers in Perth who will come right at the spot where the mishap took place and tow away your car, after making an on the spot payment, depending upon the model and the extent of the damage. 

Again, if the mechanism of the car is not affected due to the impact of the crash, and just a cracked windscreen and a broken light are what the crash has resulted in, still you may not feel like driving the vehicle again. Even then you can summon these companies who will appear right at the spot to tow away the vehicle. 

Summon the company of your Choice

A lot of options may crowd your thoughts when it comes to summoning a towing company. However, the best step should be to opt for the one that you know, and that has been the one of your choices in case you had needed their service before. 

However, if you are availing services of these companies for the first time, you can take suggestions from friends and relatives, for you might not have the time to browse the net at that moment, leaving your ill-fated car in the midst of the road. That will be too tall a task for you - to be frank!!! 

Know what you need to do when the car wreckers arrive

These auto wreckers in Perth do not take much time to turn up, once summoned. Hence, before they appear at the spot of the mishap, you have some preparatory works in your hand. 

First, you need to snap pictures of your damaged car, to keep them as evidence that will come in handy for insurance claims. Take the images of the exterior as well as the interiors. See the condition of the expensive car stereo and the floor mats and see if they can be recovered. The same goes for the wheel cover. 

Next, it is time to remove the personal belongings like laptop, wallet, and the likes, as you do not know for how long your ‘once-glittering-but-now-in-ruins’ car will sit atop the towing vehicle. 

Vacant the glove box and inspect the truck and the other spaces for storage. Once the Perth wreckers arrive, they will take over the show in a jiffy, and very rightly so!!!

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The author owns one of the most reputed auto wreckers in Perth. The author is an expert in this stream and writes blogs on car wreckers regularly.