How to raise your standards in relationships, especially in romantic relationships. But as we do the same, so we do everything. So this will help you all your life, girl. And I know this because I had doggie standards. I went through an abusive marriage. And now I have a spiritual partner. We just got engaged, bam. And I know that every woman deserves it.

We don't deserve the damn pain, and we feel we don't deserve it, and we wake up anxious, doubt our relationship, and feel like our partner has no protection. Or even being in the situation I was in, I fear for my life. Women need to hear this because if I saw someone I could communicate with, who had the same experience as me, instead of just thinking that everyone on Instagram is perfect, I would be in such a situation.


So my goal is not to wait until the women almost die in marriage to do something about it. How can we prevent this? What's even more surprising is that instead of putting out the fire, we like to make the right decisions. We love ourselves instead of taking away those bad photos because we don't love ourselves. Therefore, I will talk about how to raise our standards in relationships. If you've just met my teenager, Lani and I helped ourselves first.

I was my first customer. In this way, I helped myself break the vicious cycle of abusive relationships that were very serious in my family on both sides. And I have helped thousands of women worldwide by changing their neat, cruel, or smug standards and finally raising their standards in relationships. So I'll start with. We're proud to be part of this.

And I want to feel good right now because what happens is I have a lot of power; I already have goosebumps, I find myself still cheating between being too controlling and being a man. and then we are very indecisive and very insecure. And I didn't know what femininity was. I had no idea how to get in, how to feel, or what it looked like in my divine femininity when Chris, my partner, didn't want to be saved.

I get up every morning and go about my business. I hope so. I connect my higher power. A man or woman will not be afraid to save you. So what I have done before, I would love to use it. It's the same; I have these rules. No matter how I have sex. So I would be much older. I would be very jealous. I would run overtime inside looking at Instagram. Oh, did they make friends with this girl? Look at their old girlfriend.

And the kind that I compare and I want other people to tell me that I was better or better than the person that my ex-boyfriend cheated on me with his new girlfriend. So I had real control, which always comes from insufficient power. And it happened in terrible places and at a time when I would be light and vulnerable.

I was so scared to death that I was afraid that I would be hurt. I didn't love myself. I was fascinated by people who did not live. And then it was the same; we were so cruel to each other. It was a bad cycle. And in this case, I was not really in control because once I came to power, you have to love me and not deceive me, or I will control you so that you change and stop bothering me. We cannot change anyone's opinion.

We also cannot force a person to change. And we would not like ... It's human nature. I can't be here anymore today, and it's like crazy because I haven't always been like this. I couldn't have had a partner less interested in spiritual growth. Who doesn't want to be better today than yesterday? Who doesn't want to share more love than yesterday?

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Kindness, compassion, motivation as giving, and presence for people without words. I will never do that again. I have my own trip. I wake up and talk to God. I have clients. I have a big family. Just like I can't sit and try, try a keyword and control someone else. It made me feel out of control.

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