How To Have A Wonderful Experience In Springbrook National Park

In Brisbane’s ancient wonderland of waterfalls, rainforests, valleys, rock formations, and escarpments like Springbrook National Park. This park is part of Gondwana Rainforest listed as a world heritage for being a remnant of the pre-historic times. This was a period when Australia belonged to the Gondwana continent in the southern hemisphere. It’s no wonder that Springbrook still has various plant species from that era such as the Antarctic Beech Tree.

This park sits on the Springbrook Plateau measuring 2720ha full of rainforests, river headwaters that flow to the Gold Coat, and eucalyptus forests. Springbrook eats up the skyline west of Broadbeach making it an ideal location for various dining options and accommodation. This par lies between Lamington National Park and the coastline.

Getting there
The Springbrook National Park is a 90 minutes’ drive from Brisbane and just 45 minutes from the Gold Coast. This park has three sections including Mt Cougal in the east, Natural Bridge in the west, and the Springbrook Plateau. The park lies on a scenic rim with a chain of mountains surrounding the Queensland-New South Wales border line.

The famous Springbrook Walks have various tracks including easy, medium, and challenging. This gives everyone a breathtaking experience catching amazing glimpses of ancient forests and gorgeous waterfalls. Springbrook Park is 900m above sea level making it cool even in summer. The average rainfall here is about 3000mm annually with the highest recorded from December to March. Drier months are from May to October.
Other attractions to look forward to

Numbinbah Valley
Located sought of Springbrook, the Numbinbah Valley is a range of steep roadways with amazing picturesque views of the Gold Coast. This valley is home to Natural Bridge famous for amazing glow worms. Natural Bridge is located in Natural Bridge National Park with various walking trails. You can’t miss the incredible experience of the 1km Natural Arch walk to glow worm cave located at Cave Creek. In warm weather, consider taking a dip into the refreshing Waringa Pool at the creek base.

Purling Brook Falls
Getting here is by following the signs off the main road and then through a rain forest sliver. Purling Brook Falls is 10om away from where you can take a 300m walk to the cliff top to Tanninaba Falls after maneuvering through cycads leads. Ensure to check before embarking on the walk just in case the locations are under repairs.

Canyon Lookout
Another location not to be missed on a visit to Springbrook National Park is the Canyon Lookout. It’s nestled at a great location with spectacular views of the entire Gold Coast. You’ll catch glimpses of Runaway Bay, Coolangatta, various volcanic ridges, and valleys. You can consider taking a walk 500m away to Tallanbana Falls Lookout for more spectacular views. The 2 hour Twin Fall Circuit is another walk through grade palm and tree fern while catching a glimpse of 2 waterfalls.
Final thought
When looking for where to have a wonderful Christmas holiday season, consider a visit to Springbrook National Park. It’s just a matter of booking your trip with a professional and reliable tour operator.

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