I was asked a lot about this question.

What kind of voice is sexy?

I often hear people say, "I have a sexy voice when I'm having a cold, because it's low." Some say people who smoke, especially ladies, have a sexy voice. That can not be wrong enough. Smoking causes permanent damage to your vocal folds (vocal cords) and your voice can only get worse while you age. In both cases, it's an unhealthy voice.

What we do find though is people often link a sexy voice with a low pitch (the highness and lowness of your sound). Pitch does play a part. A high-pitched voice is shrill and not pleasant to listen to. No surprise when people think George Clooney and Angelina Jolie have a sexy voice as both of them speak with a low-pitched voice.

However, low pitch does not necessarily lead to a sexy voice. You can press your voice down to lower level, but if it is not powered by enough breath and resonated in all your five cavities (your chest, your voice box, your throat, your mouth and your nose), it's not going to sound genuine but manipulated.

What makes a sexy voice?

1. Depth

To have a sexy voice, what you really need is depth in your voice, rather than a low pitch. A voice with depth is rich in quality. It is with three dimensions and like a warm cozy room wrapping you inside. A deep voice sounds mysterious, arousing your curiosity and leaving you want to explore more about that deep voice and the person who owns it.

2. Resonance

Resonance is the amplification and intensification of your sound by means of vibrating in your five cavities. A well-resonated voice is pleasant to listen to and filled with magnet. It is a must for a voice to have depth. A voice that is not fully resonated is thin, one dimensional and dull, let alone sexy.

3. Emotion

When you speak, you must feel what you speak. If you do not feel the feeling, don't expect your loved one could feel it. You'll leave an impression of being either dull or unauthentic. You won't impress or touch the one you like or love. Emotion is the key to showing your passion and sensuality. Try the exercise to say the sentence "I love you" in different emotions: indifferent, doubtful, and passionate. You should notice the difference in your voice, as well as your facial expressions.

How sexy is your voice? Before you answer this question, record yourself and play back. What you hear yourself in your head is not the same as what others hear. They are two totally different sounds. Don't be tricked by what you hear in your head. Once you finish listening, start to create your sexy voice by means of producing your voice in the correct way.

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Cynthia is a voice and speech coach and trainer, based in Singapore. She helps you discover your inner true voice that is authentic and confident. She also helps organizations on voice and presentation skills training.
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