It is possible for you to live a more balanced life no matter the kind of work schedule you have. By the way, do you find yourself having hectic work schedules? Do you feel exhausted each day because you have no time to rest? Are you finding yourself more tired often, losing your patience more easily, being in bad moods and stressed up because you cannot see the end of your hectic work schedules? Is it because of poor time management?

There are some parents who don't find time to spend with their families. They find it difficult to live a balanced life (not able to balance work time and time for family). Such parents spend most of their time working than being with their families.

Some people have a tendency of trying to do everything. The truth is that you can't do everything by yourself. If you try doing everything by yourself, you'll get exhausted and end up not having time for fun. And without having time for fun you become a dull and boring person, consider this proverb "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

Too much work without resting is the surest way of you living a stressful life. You need to learn how you can have a more balanced life. It is okay to love yourself. Start thinking more about your needs and what you want. Loving yourself first is just the means of rejuvenating your body and paying attention to yourself; it does not mean you're not able to help other people. Everyday joys can help you to turn your life into a balanced life.

However, don't love yourself too much and forget the people around you. Love yourself and love the people around you the way you love yourself. We all need to love our neighbors because it is through love that we are able to overcome the acts of inhumanity.

Your emotional or mental being is dependent on what your inner balance is. Worry is such a drain on all of us; yet some of us seem not to be able to control how much we worry. When you tolerate energy-draining negative emotions, then you'll wind up being exhausted and stressed. Stress will cause you to have sleepless nights.

Protect yourself from anyone who is set to destroy your self-esteem. Associate yourself with people who are optimistic. If a person is rude to you or says some sarcastic statements, then you should not give that person your time.

Problems need to be tackled, don't let your problems build up until they get beyond your control. If a problem comes up that causes anxiety, resolve it. Don't procrastinate and don't let it affect your emotions negatively.

Love the person you are; look at yourself in your mirror each morning and know what a great person you happen to be. Empower yourself and manage your time properly so that you can attain your personal goals that you have set. Acknowledge that your work is good and be kind to people.

Last but not least be in control, reward yourself and take care of yourself. All these make it possible in attaining a balanced life more so if you manage your time properly.

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