Why oh why do you think grandfather and grandmother still managed to stay so blissfully in love after all those several years? What are some out of hundreds, or thousands of ways and methods, on how to attain that kind of envious and happy relationship with one’s lawfully wedded spouse? If truth be told, there is really not a thing as a perfect marriage, but only a successful married life and a happy marriage.

Nevertheless, even the most picture-perfect married couple took a whole lot of time and effort, not to mention compromise before they ultimately transformed their relationship into something so beautiful, fulfilling and blissful. Well, first and foremost, do not ever tie the knot with someone whom you do not really think (and feel) you are entirely comfortable and compatible with.

But that does not truly mean that your partner should like or want all the things which you do, though. If you noticed that you have been arguing and hotly debating a lot over just some petty stuff while you are still in your dating stage, well, chances are you would be experiencing the same scenario (but this time it will be permanent—you’re married already, ha!) in the entire course of your married life unless one of you learns how to compromise.

A successful married life should be composed of two individuals who know how to enjoy listening and talking to one another. If you truly think you are in a happy marriage, then thank your spouse for making things work out and giving effort for both of you. And a happy marriage, despite the cliché, should have a give and take relationship.

After a few months or years of being married and the honeymoon is entirely over, somebody in the relationship generally feels that the distribution and division of household chores and other responsibilities or tasks are being unfair and one-sided. You can always split the tasks as evenly and balanced as possible, like in housework, money matters or time visiting in-laws.

In doing this, you would avoid those resentments regarding the contribution of your spouse in your relationship and the both of you are going on the right path to a successful marriage and a happy marriage. In addition, keep that fire alive or the passion burning. Always remember to say those romantic and sweet nothings no matter how many years you have been living together.

A successful marriage should not also set aside their sex life in spite of the time absorbed and occupied by children, work etc. Even though you’re already married, there are still times that you must have a time devoted to yourself. Always keep a sense of individuality and try not to be all clingy and too dependent to your spouse.

A happy marriage is about being the real you and also accepted and loved by being who you are. Individuality also generates vitality and freshness in a marriage. The whole uniqueness in your personality is one of the great ways in having a happy and successful marriage.

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