Mobile application is undoubtedly a powerful tool to attract more audiences. But with a large number of users across the world how will you ensure that users download your app? Well, in that case, social media influencers are key to drive qualified leads, increase app downloads, and garner higher returns.

According to Forbes, 72% of millennials purchase products because they saw the ad on social media. Also, 84% of people trust recommendations from their own friends, reveals Inc. This explains that the success or failure will be in the hands of anonymous people. If you want the right people to talk about your application, you can work towards influencer marketing to increase your product value and credibility.

What’s the New Influencers Community?

Thanks to the numerous social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. that our consumption options have tremendously increased across various categories, making our lives more dependent on influencers than individual preferences. It results in a bunch of ideas, products, and trends that capture customers’ attention and generate more curiosity.

Social influence lies in the fact that people eventually depend on others to know what to buy, wear, read, play, watch, and listen to. When social media influencers spread the word about your app with their broad audience, recommendations seem to be more honest and genuine.

How Influencer Marketing can be Beneficial for Your App?

1. Grow Brand Awareness

An influencer has hundreds or even millions of followers that are already engaged with their content. Letting them showcase your app to a wide audience will boost your app awareness, which in turn drives more app downloads and profitability.

2. Reach Target Audience

Influencers are likely to have a specific niche or followers’ category. This gives you a chance to choose the right social influencer to place your app in front of a suitable audience to increase downloads. For instance, if you have a health and fitness app, it makes more sense to collaborate with a fitness blogger.

You can consider posting interactive content on live video streaming apps and other messaging apps to keep the audience informed with the latest discounts, offers, arrivals, and other updates about your brand.

3. Build Trust and Credibility

The influencer has already gone through the phase of creating strong connections and trust with the audience. When you partner with these experts, the followers will respect their recommendations and be more driven towards your app. A good influencer will take time to understand your app to convey authentic and valuable insights into how it adds value to their daily life.

To gain ultimate success with social influence, it is essential to learn marketing techniques to expand your app base and retain loyal users. If used accurately, it can become a robust tool for your app promotion.

Author's Bio: 

Alekh Verma is the CEO and Founder of eSearch Logix Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a digital positioning and branding firm that provides web development, mobile development, and digital marketing services for clients across the globe. Overseeing the company’s operations worldwide, he has been responsible for end-to-end management of service and support with a creative and futuristic vision.