Theme essays are written for the sole purpose of expressing a writer’s feeling, from high school to college to university students are asked to write theme essays in order to build their self- confidence and self-expression abilities. Therefore, every student know how to write themes essays but there is a point where everyone get stuck is it’s open ended nature of the essays on theme.

Thereby, we have decided to remove the confusion by giving a comprehensive guideline for writing essay on theme.

First step:

Pre-writing procedure:

There is much to do before actually commencing theme essay writing, if a student want to come up with an organized version of essay writing then he has to prepare an outline that will draw out the boundaries to discuss the ideas and arguments. Most of the student thinks that crafting an outline is a mere waste of time then they should realize the importance of organization, order and coherent system of a theme essay. Furthermore, it will also save a lot of your time because you don’t have to think what to eliminate and what to incorporate.

Second step:

Writing the introduction:

The introduction has to be effective and complete; this is only possible when you know the overall components of an introduction which are:

1- Thesis statement

2- Purpose of theme essay writing

3- Background of the topic

This is how, the audience would get an idea on what should they expect from rest of the essay on themes.

Third step:

Writing the body:

Let me provide you with a basic structure of the body, the body should be consisting of a number of paragraphs depending on the topic demand. Each paragraph must be dealing with a single idea that will begin with a topic sentence supporting the thesis statement and idea, argument followed by the evidences, proofs and examples to prove your idea’s credibility.

Fourth step:

Writing the conclusion:

Get back to the thematic essay purpose that is the thesis statement, illustrate it again in the conclusion along with the important points that you discussed so far in the essay on theme. Make sure you are writing the conclusion in a single paragraph of about four to five lines depending on the word count prescribed by your college or university. Also, you can provide your own viewpoint about the topic of theme essay in the end and as you will writing something about yourself then you can provide a simple viewpoint on why did that particular thing happened in your life or now what have you learned so far from your experiences. Remember, not to include anything new in the conclusion for it will confuse the reader about your objective and it will look stupid as well.

Hence, you must maintain the format throughout the theme essay writing because sometimes students start this essay in an informal way that lowers their grades. Furthermore, they should also take care of the small mistakes the affects a lot on the quality of the essays on theme as a whole.

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