The work environment at your organization can be a stressful place at times. When projects require you to work extra hours to support last-minute implementations, unsatisfied customers demanding that you be removed from the project, and any other issues that can cause you major headache. The point is that when work gets tough then you begin to get stressed. You need to do something to make sure that your head does not explode from all the craziness at the office. We have a couple of suggestions that you may want to do to help you deal with stress.

The first thing that you may want to do when things get tough is to go for a walk. Sometimes, there is nothing better to help you relax your mind then getting out of your cube and walking outside. You can take a nice stroll and breathe in the fresh air. Even if you have no scenery worth seeing outside, sometimes looking at a parking lot is better than sitting in your chair at the office.

The second thing that you can do is to talk with someone. There may be no better therapy then a free visit to a friend or co-worker to talk about the issues that you are having at the office. You may want to be careful about who you speak to depending on the nature of your assignment. Sometimes, talking with someone who you work with on the project can be understanding because they may be in the same position as you with the client.

The third thing that you can do is to get one of those stress balls that you can squeeze really hard to help you lose your tension. We find that this is good technique to let out some steam when you get really upset. Working at a job can be very stressful but you need to find what technique is right for you to help you cope with these issues.

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Mr. Singh is an MBA that has been involved in leading, motivating, strategizing, and developing people to better perform their jobs to support the mission objectives of their organization. Mr. Singh has lead several major project implementations and is currently leading an enterprise architecture department in a leading consulting corporation. Mr. Singh is a contributor for The Career Advisor which can be found on the web at