How To Handle A Breakup With Someone You Love: How To Cope With Breaking Up With Someone You Love

If you find yourself trying to figure out how to handle a breakup when you are still in love with your ex, this is a very painful place to be. You are experiencing all kinds of conflicting emotions while at the same wanting to get back with your ex.

If you're trying to deal with how to handle a breakup when you want to get back with your ex, you need a specific strategy. You need to do two things. First, you need to cope emotionally with the pain of the breakup. Second, you need to put yourself in a position to win back your ex.

The first part is probably the hardest. With all the varying thoughts going through your mind, you need to get yourself together mentally and emotionally. To accomplish this, you need to take two major steps:

1. Spend some time alone This is an important step in learning how to handle a breakup and cope with the emotions of it. Take a few days by yourself to organize and analyze your thoughts and feelings. Try to determine (as objectively as possible) what went wrong in the relationship and what changes you could make to prevent these things from happening again.

2. Take your mind off of your ex After a few days of getting your thoughts together, the second step to coping emotionally when learning how to handle a breakup is to do some things that will keep your mind off of the relationship and focused on improving yourself. Get a new look. Get involved in a hobby or some volunteer work. Do things for others. This will help ease the pain of the breakup and rebuild your confidence.

After completing the first part of your strategy, the second part should fall into place. You will have already learned how to handle a breakup emotionally and mentally, now all you need to do is contact your ex again and set up a time to get together casually.

Since some time will have passed since you last saw your ex, it is likely that they are missing you as much as you miss them. When you meet, dazzle them with a new look and a confident attitude. Show them that you have it all together and have learned how to handle a breakup. This will likely make you irresistible to your ex and put you in the best possible position to restore the relationship.

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Not too many people are lucky enough to know that their ex wants to return after making the mistake of calling in a break up. But you find yourself in this exceptional position. So, are you going to call your ex and apply the 'forgive and forget' strategy or are you going to play a nice little game with your ex?

Now that you're fairly certain that you will get your ex back, why not make your ex want to hit on you again? When you think of it, this is a plausible idea considering the pain and agony you've endured after the break up. And now showing haste in regrouping with your ex partner will not do any good for your image in your ex's mind.

You might think that there is no such thing as an ego between lovers, but if you turn out to be a pushover for your ex partner, your new relationship with your ex may not stand the test of time.

Making your ex miss you again is simpler than you perceive. All you have to do is to improve your personality both from the outside and from the inside. You need to get in shape and make plans with your friends, but don't even think about inviting your ex!

If you receive calls from your ex, just sound like you're on a run and you'll catch up later. If your ex requests to meet you, tell your ex that you're too busy otherwise you'd have loved to meet with him/her. By the end of your efforts, your ex will feel frustrated and will rue his/her decision to break up with you.

With your ex feeling totally hopeless, you can drop in a message through a friend that your doors are open for your ex only if you get the same treatment as a lover deserves. Meanwhile you can continue on with your full-of-fun life with your buddies. Sooner rather than later you'll be delighted to find out that your behavior has forced your ex to crave for you just like in the old days.

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You want nothing more than to get your ex back, but after the nasty split you just faced, it is really hard to believe anyone who tells you that it is possible to make your ex miss you like crazy. While it certainly seems far fetched right after a breakup, it is most certainly not impossible.

Breakups are always devastating affairs. The fight that led to the split was comprised of nasty threats and words flying through the air, and your ex seemed so serious, it is hard to imagine ever being able to make your ex miss you like crazy after harsh words like what you hard. Chances are, though it doesn't make it any less painful, the words were said in anger and not actually meant. And while the chance to make your ex miss you like crazy seems like a pipe dream, it isn't, read on to find out how to make it happen.

Right now, you need to give yourself and your ex some time and space apart. Many think that initiating communication as soon as possible after the breakup is the best way to make your ex miss you like crazy and they couldn't be farther from the truth. While this is often what our hearts want us to do, our partners need time and space, which constant contact will not allow for. Rather than helping in your effort to make your ex miss you like crazy, it can actually serve to ruin any chance you may have had to get him or her back by pushing them to the point of no return.

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As difficult as it is, you must cease contact and allow yourself and your ex a cooling off period. This gives you both the chance to move on from the nasty argument and begin to evaluate the relationship in a much more objective light. You'll likely both begin to see that the argument was over something silly and was blown way out of proportion by being followed by a split. You have to admit that you are angry at your ex for some of the things he or she said, and while you want to make your ex miss you like crazy, you won't have very much success in reuniting with them until you've been able to move past all the bitterness you feel with regard to the breakup.

You run in the same crowds and live in the same place, so you are going to run into each other from time to time, so when trying to make your ex miss you like crazy, it is important to always look your best and dress with care. This will make them eat their heart out when they run into a fabulous looking you. They are also likely beginning to miss you like crazy, and seeing you, as hot as ever, is really going to make them desperate to get in contact to try to give the relationship another go.

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Sometimes it takes a bit of extra effort to get a relationship back on track. People in a relationship sometimes make a wrong move and part ways either permanently or temporarily to think things over. If you are facing such a problem and want to get your relationship back here is what you need to do.

Don't act out of desperation
Give your partner some time to cool off. Acting out of desperation and making a move too soon is not going to work in your favor. Your partner is probably very annoyed with you so you need to let the anger fade away first. When your partner begins to miss you, you should make a move.

Evaluate the problem
Use the time that you have alone to evaluate the status of your relationship. Understand why your relationship went sour and understand the cause of all the problems that you have. Understand that the cause of the problem is more important than the problem itself.

Admit your mistakes
Take ownership of your contribution for the downfall of the relationship. Be honest when you assess your role in this. Admitting your mistakes is going to make you win half the battle.

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Make the right changes
Once you have admitted your mistakes all you need to do is take corrective measures to make the right changes. If you feel like it was your anger that needed controlling then go in for some anger management classes. If it's your communication that needs working, then work on that.

Take professional help
Sometimes we need to take the help of a professional to make us see what all we need to do to make our life better. Go to a counselor to understand yourself so that you can become a better person. Once you work on your own self then working on getting the relationship back in place becomes easy.

Start by becoming friends again
Once you have done the groundwork, meet with your partner. Tell him/her how much you have worked to change yourself only because you value them. Also let them know that if they don't want to get back into the relationship its fine by you. But you do want to remain friends.

Rekindle the romance
Once you become friends, you'll have to make your partner see that you have changed for real. The relationship will take a little time to come back on track so you'll need to be patient. Once you become comfortable as friends rekindle the romance. Take things slowly and you will find that you'll have your relationship back for good.

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