If you have ever cut your hair and then later regretted it, you may want to know how to grow your hair quickly. Or perhaps you have undergone chemotherapy, or some other treatment or illness that has made your hair fall out.

Fortunately there are some things you can do to speed up the process of growing your hair.

The number one thing is to look to your health. Your hair and skin are always an indication of the state of your health.

If you are getting a fully balanced diet, plenty of fresh air and exercise, you are making a good start. Make sure you are getting plenty of fruit and raw or lightly cooked vegetables.

You need a moderate amount of good quality protein, such as eggs, soft cheese, yogurt, fish, white meat, and a smaller amount of red meat. If you are vegetarian, you need to be sure that your proteins are complete and not over-processed.

There are also many good health supplements that can reduce any gaps in your nutrition.

Try and replace the harmful animal fats and processed cooking oils in your food with certain cold pressed oils and oily foods such as seeds, nuts, olives and avocados. You should select those oils that are proportionately rich in Omega 3’s (such as flaxseed oil) rather than Omega 6’s (such as sunflower seed oil).

Remember, the right oils will enhance your health and give a glow to your hair, while the wrong ones will cause heart problems, high cholesterol, cancer, and very unhealthy hair and skin.

While all the above will ensure your total health, well-being and vitality, this lifestyle is also an important factor in >how to keep your hair healthy.

So much for health from the inside, for the outside there is much you can do to improve your hair. Most health gurus believe that you should try as far as possible to substitute synthetic chemical soaps, shampoos and conditioners for more natural, herbal ones. Some of our grandmothers’ home remedies worked for them and will still work for us. How much better can you get than soft shiny hair that smells of rosemary or lavender?

Treating your hair by massaging with essential oils will do as much for your circulation from the outside as exercise will do from the inside. Both stimulate blood circulation. If you want your hair to grow faster, you need a faster blood supply.

There are many differing opinions on the correct way to do your hair. It is generally believed that heat, such as hairdryers does your hair no good. There are, however protective sprays that can spare some of the damage.

The first step in how to curl your hair is to make sure it is dry first. When your hair is wet it is at its most vulnerable. This is when your hair fibres can stretch, split or break off the most easily.

So dry your hair carefully, the best way being in gentle sunlight. Then you should apply setting creams, lotions or sprays that are designed to protect the hairs. Avoid anything that dries out or in any other way causes harm.

Many people believe that a curling iron is safer for your hair than curlers, or blow drying wet hair. Curling irons work equally well for creating curls or even for straitening unruly hair. If you want straighter hair, you just slide the curling iron or a ceramic hair straightener gently from the root down to the tips. For curls, then roll up the hair from the tip upwards and hold for a few moments.

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