From our knowledge of the levels of faith, we know that faith has a growing capacity. The amazing thing about this is that no matter how strong your faith is, it never stops to grow. More so, no matter how dead your faith is, it can still grow. Truth be told, nothing in the spirit realm stands still, therefore, that measure of faith either grows or withers. In order to grow your faith from one level to another, these are unfailing principles to engage.

a. The principle of obedience.
Obedience is better than sacrifice, all God demands from every saint is obedience. Obeying God is the surest way of growing your faith. As we know, God never fails neither does He change. Every instruction obeyed, strengthens your faith and grows its capacity to carry out further instructions.

b. The principle of association.
Proverbs 27:17 proclaims that iron sharpens iron, associating with fellow saints grows your faith. Who you spend most time with, affects you in life, therefore, seek relationships with people who are of the household of faith. There is this power in fellowshipping with the brethren. As 1st John 1:7 says “…..we have fellowship with one another….” Also remember Mathew 18:20, when you fellowship with the brethren, you also fellowship with Jesus.

c. The principle of watchfulness.
You must constantly be on the watch in order to hear God, and obey Him. Watching means being on alert and ready for God, every time, everywhere and you can do that through prayers and studying of God’s Word. Go to the scriptures and feed your spirit with the Bread of Life, engage the Holy Spirit in your prayers, Mathew 26:41 shows that being watchful helps us to withstand temptations. Mark 13:33 and Habakkuk 2:1 emphasized the importance of watchfulness.

d. The principle of consistency.
Constant obedience, constant fellowship, continued study and prayers will make your faith grow from one level of strength to another. Acts 2:42 shows that the early church continued in praying, fellowship and obedience to God, little wonder, they increased beyond measure. Never go on vacation in your spiritual life. Keep on the faith, do not give any gap for the devil, and make your prayer a marathon, likewise your study.

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kalu chijioke harvard is a bestseller author, business development strategist and a teacher of God's Word. He is the founder of seedtract media Inc. a christian media firm that publishes books, magazines and audiovisual contents for the web.